7 High School Study Abroad Survival Tips

It’s a good idea to consider high school study abroad. Apart from learning a foreign language, you get to see things in real life that you’ve been seeing in textbooks. However, there’s no blueprint to prepare you for the experience. Keep in mind that you’re going to spend time living with people you’ve never met before and with a different culture. This article is prepared to give you handy tips on having a pleasant experience.

Be nice and kind

As an exchange student, it’s good for others to enjoy talking to you and hanging out with you. Ensure to be nice and kind to everyone. This will get you great friends that will teach you a lot about their society including teaching you their culture and language. Being nice and having many friends at your new school will eventually make you one of the most popular students.

Get involved in various activities

High school can get boring and dull unless you vow to make it fun. The class lessons in the new school with people you’ve never met might be intimidating. Ensure to venture out and get involved in exploring your new environment. Consider trying out the foods you’ve never tasted, visit local attractions, get involved in cultural events, or sports. All these will make you fit easily and much quicker in the new environment.

Mingle with other students

Starting at a new school in a new country comes with having to make new friends. However, everyone is always curious to meet the new students on high school study abroad summer programs. Take the initiative to say hello to people you meet even when you don’t know their name or never met them before. You’ll discover how easy it is to become friends with so many new people despite not knowing much about them.

It will also be so easy for these people to remember the friendly new guy and you’ll become a mini-celebrity sooner than later. Being friendly and mingling with students in the new school will significantly widen your circle of potential friends. Ensure to mingle with people from various backgrounds while being careful not to get involved with wrong friends. Listen to advice from your host family since they’re more likely to have more knowledge about the people you’re hanging out with.

Hang out with more than other exchange students

There’s a chance of meeting other foreign exchange students almost in the same situation as yours. These are good candidates to choose your best pals. However, avoid becoming friends with only the other exchange students. Ensure to mingle with people with all walks of life especially other students at the school. These will help you discover other cultures and languages to ensure that you make the most of your study abroad.

Choose fun subjects

Exchange students usually take a few subjects in the new school to meet home country requirements. This is to give you time for other fun activities since a summer program abroad isn’t all about spending the whole day doing class work. Consider fun subjects to give you a break from regular school lessons. The activities you can consider include:

  • Guitar
  • Gym
  • Choir
  • Speech
  • Ceramics

Such fun activities promote socialization, getting to know new people, and an opportunity to enjoy your time in the new school.

Get involved in after-school activities

Studying abroad shouldn’t deprive you of the chance to enjoy your favorite hobby. Check whether there’s a chance to get involved in your hobby at the new school. Additionally, you can take up a new activity. This might be your chance to make new friends and get more comfortable in the new environment.

Joining a sports team is an opportunity to avoid feeling lonely and to make you feel accepted. An after-school activity will keep you busy and give you an opportunity to become friends with amazing new people. It might also be an opportunity to develop a new skill that you will keep on for the rest of your life.

The wrap-up

A study abroad opportunity is a life-changing experience. The ideas above will help you to make the most of your summer experience abroad. You’ll be in a better situation to overcome feelings of loneliness and homesickness in the new country.

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