7 Tips for Crafting Your Best College Essay

Sure, good grades, test scores, and recommendation could help you present yourself well to the admission board of your dream college. However, they are not enough to truly impress.

While many can have good grades and scores, not all are able to create strong and impressive college essay that can show your personality right. It’s a challenging thing and so many students stress about it a lot; however, it’s not impossible, especially if you know what to focus on.

Sure, you can also buy college essay and save a lot of nerves and time this way. However, if you do want to write such essay on your own, here’s what you can do.

1. Brainstorm well.

Before you even start writing you need to know what’s important for you to mention in your college essay. Sure, you can try coming up with all those things during the writing process but it’s much better to do so beforehand so you’ll be able to structure and organize your writing better.

There are so many ways to brainstorm: you can come up with a list of your strongest traits, you can try creating a mind map, you can talk to your friends and family to help figure out what makes you unique. Either way, don’t skip this part.

2. Let your writing flow.

Your first draft probably won’t be your final one, so there’s no need to stress over it too much. Instead, it’s better to let your writing flow freely. Don’t focus on how neatly it is organized and don’t think much about which words to choose at this point – you’ll do it later. Now your goal is to let your imagination and creativity run wild – and who knows which amazing ideas you’ll come up with in the process?

3. Don’t make it look like a bio.

Don’t get into so many details while writing. Some students try describing their life since birth in their college essays but if it has nothing to do with the course of their choice, this usually only makes the admission committee bored.

On the other hand, mentioning personal details of your life can play an important part in overall impression you would want to make. Avoiding detailing your essay too much doesn’t mean that you should refrain from using any personal data at all – just make sure it helps to highlight some of your strong sides or is related to the choice of your course somehow.

4. Be open.

Sure, you’re going to describe a various personal experience in your college essay. Simply mentioning it, however, is not enough: you have to actually talk about how it affected you, how it made you feel, and so on. Doing so does make you look vulnerable a bit but it still is more appealing than a façade you might want to keep.

However, be sure not to overdo here. Remember that being open and honest about various things doesn’t mean you have to be overdramatic and complain a lot.

5. Avoid summaries.

You might be required to write a summary of a certain school essay but your college essay doesn’t require you to do so. In fact, in this case, writing summaries could mean that you’re stating the obvious or that your writing is so bad it couldn’t be understood properly without a summary.

6. Don’t show it to everyone.

Showing your college essay to someone and asking for their feedback is always a good idea. However, showing it to many people might not help you as much as you thought it would. On the contrary, too many different opinions might confuse you, making it harder to decide which parts of your essay are strong and which are weak.

That’s why it’s better to show your writing only to a few people, who’s opinion you trust.

7. Don’t forget to polish it.

Settling with a final draft means that you already have more than half of the job done. However, in order to turn this draft into a decent writing, you have to polish it well.

In order to do so, spend some time on proofreading it – both manually and using online tools. Be sure to read it a couple of typos, correcting not only the typos but logical flaws too. Shorten everything that can be shortened and submit the draft only after having this done.

Sure, the process of writing a good college essay can be challenging and time-consuming. However, you still should put all your efforts into it in order to deliver an amazing essay that an admission committee would like.

I wish you good luck with that!

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