7 Ways Higher Education Can Unlock Future Career Opportunities

It’s just a piece of paper. You don’t need a formal education to get a good job. Tuition costs are a way to high. Colleges are just ideological indoctrination centers.

The criticisms levied at colleges and universities are plentiful and varied. Some are more valid than others. However, in spite of having some flaws to work out, higher education can indeed play a powerful role in ensuring future success. Most notably higher education can help open up career opportunities in seven ways.

1. Alumni Networks Are Extraordinarily Helpful


Once you have that piece of paper in hand, you have more than a simple degree. You have the benefit of alumni network connections, as well as connections with your instructors and fellow graduates. When it comes to searching for a job, this brings some amazing benefits.

In fact, some alumni are very loyal when it comes to seeking out and hiring others within the alumni talent pool. By getting involved with your alumni association and connecting with graduates and staff on LinkedIn and other sites, you can cast a pretty wide net.

2. You’ll Develop Critical Thinking Skills


You don’t just go to school to learn facts and store them in your mind. You go to learn how to analyze, debate, critique, experiment, and otherwise apply critical thinking skills. When you enter the working world, these will be absolutely invaluable.

Think of it this way. There are probably going to be a lot of people who have the same skill set that you do. It’s your ability to think critically and creatively that will truly be the thing that sets you apart.

3. Hiring Managers Still See Value in a College Degree

People are still impressed when they see that someone has earned a college degree. Perhaps it’s because many of us receive the message that going to college is a must, or it’s described as a major accomplishment. In any case, having that line item on your resume indicating that you have a college degree will improve your chances of getting the job.

4. You Can Earn an Internship That Leads to a Great Career


Do you want to put the things you learn to work in the real world? Would you like to try working in a certain industry or with a specific company before deciding your next step? The best way to do this is to land a great internship.


The best way to land a great internship is to go to college. Not only will you pick up great work skills, you will also connect with people in the field you are pursuing. This is ideal if you need a reference, letter of recommendation, or simply career advice.

Many companies become quite invested in helping their interns succeed. You may invite essay writing services and find different opportunities.

5. There Are Many on Campus Leadership Opportunities


The career benefits of higher education go beyond the connections that you make, and the things that you learn. There are many opportunities on campus to get involved and become a real leader. In fact, take a look at many of the influential people today. Many developed leadership skills while still in college. There are opportunities to learn these skills in student government, on campus activism, athletics, and cultural organizations.

6. Schools Frequently Offer Job Search Services to Alumni


Many colleges and universities provide lifelong access to their student employment services. These services can include:


  • Resume Help

  • Access to Job Boards And Employee Databases

  • Career Counseling

  • Discounted Continuing Education Courses

If your campus offers up this generous benefit, you have one additional source of help anytime you are looking for new employment.

7. A Lot of The Stuff You Learn Really is Valid in The ‘Real World’


Finally, higher education improves your future career opportunities simply by providing you with opportunities to learn. You truly will apply many of the facts, skills, and hands-on knowledge that you pick up in the real world.

Will everything work just as it did in the classroom? Of course not, but you will have a solid foundation to build on. In fact, this is where formal education can trump on the job experience. While both are quite valuable, a person who relies fully on gaining knowledge through work experience only knows what they have been exposed to through their career path. This can leave some holes. Formal education is often a bit more complete.


Higher education can truly be a pathway to future career success. During your school career, you will pick up knowledge and skills that are in demand in today's workforce. You’ll also make important connections these years that will provide a lifetime of networking connections. Clearly, it’s more than a piece of pepper.

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