A Child Molestation Conviction Will Destroy Your Life

While many criminal convictions are classed in accordance with the level of the charge regarding fines and potential incarceration, some convictions carry a much worse ongoing stigma than others in the same criminal category. The most obvious of those lifelong damage convictions is child molestation, regardless of the material case facts. This can happen to practically anyone given the right condition. What if it were you? How hard would you fight the charges, especially when they are without merit?


Even a Charge Carries Negative Stigma


Although all criminal cases are unique with respect to the actual material facts, the public attention associated with child molestation cases can still have a dramatic impact on a defendant's life even when not convicted, especially in small communities. In many instances, the consensus is "guilty until proven innocent" even of charges leveled by an underage individual. An arrest alone can be problematic. That is why it is very important to get ahead of the curve and fight all charges for child molestation by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the ramifications of these anger-invoking charges. The court of public opinion often tries a defendant without need of actual valid evidence, and it is vital to have an attorney who is also focused on expunging all remnants of an investigation after a successful defense.


Defending the Charges


Prosecutions that are brought forth based solely on the testimony of a minor can present specific problems for the defense. Many times the testimony of the minor is sealed and cross-examination of the minor who is providing testimony can be impeded by the prosecution during a trial phase. False child molestation cases often go to trial and having an experienced trial attorney matters greatly also. Similar to certain other types of criminal charges, prosecutors commonly act as though they have a right to a conviction in a child molestation case even with borderline or inadmissible evidence. It is important to have a criminal defense attorney who understands what to expect and how to discount potentially frivolous evidence that could amount to hearsay. It is important to note that many charges are not necessarily reported by the child, but by an adult who claims to have knowledge of a criminal event. Every word matters in a child molestation case.


Lifelong Problems


The one ongoing problem that results following a child molestation conviction is being required to register as a sex offender with the local court system wherever you live. Even when the convicted party moves, the case follows them. There are certain places where a convicted defendant cannot live, often including public housing. And, there are also restrictions on proximity to schools when they can find appropriate housing. It is a branding that the convicted individual carries throughout the remainder of their life, which in itself is enough punishment to encourage a defendant to retain an aggressive criminal defense attorney who is focused on the client's future as well as their freedom.


It is essential for any adult to never entice a minor in the state of Utahwhere conservative communities are common. The fallout of a conviction for child molestation often becomes permanent. Always hire a criminal defense attorney like the professionals at Wasatch Defense Lawyers for thorough and comprehensive representation in fighting the charges.


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