Finally I’ve adapted to my schedule. It took me more than semester at Teachers College of Columbia University, but I hope that my story will help you to deal with it  much faster than I.

However, one thing I’ve noticed is how tired I have. It’s not because of early mornings I don’t have class until 11 and I worked full time: my job at essaylab started at 9 am everyday all summer. I was tired because my body was thrown into this routine that it’s not used to. Not only  I had to get back to all of the homework and extracurriculars, but my body also wasn’t used to all of the walking around campus and sitting through classes.

I always found it surprising how after being a student my entire life, it takes so much to readjust at the beginning of each new school year. The truth is you’re going to be tired. Your body is trying to adapt and you are going from a relaxing summer to everyday classes, homework and the regular stress that comes with school. But there are a few things you can do during the first week to help your body acclimate to the sudden changes.

1. Get enough rest. I spent all summer getting up early and falling asleep early and then I didn’t have classes until 11 in the morning. I found myself staying up way later than I planned and in turn, not getting enough sleep at night. When your body is already under the pressure of adjusting to a new schedule, a lack of sleep doesn’t help.

2. Eat right. And by right, I mean enough (but if you can eat healthy food in proper amount it’d be just perfect). I spend most of my day on campus and there have been a few times that I haven’t eaten anything until I’ve gotten home at 5 in the afternoon. This definitely doesn’t help with how tired I’ve been. Your body needs the energy to react to all of the changes and if you haven’t had enough to eat, your body will quickly run out of fuel before your day is over.

3. Exercise. I’m a bad example of exercising but this semester I am taking an aerobics class. We started a light workout yesterday and I was surprised to realize how much better I felt yesterday after my exercise than I did the days before when I didn’t exercise. It definitely helps your body relieve some of the stress it is under during the first week of school.

4. Learn Something. I always hate how the first week of classes, or syllabus week, drags on. The teachers spend the entire class going over a syllabus we have all seen in every shape or form at some point in time. Make an effort to learn something in each of your classes. Ask the professor a question about the course or a topic you’re interested in. Get to know the student sitting at the desk next to you. Get ahead of the game and read the first chapter of the textbook. If you make an effort to learn something in the first week, it will help you develop better habits for later in the semester and will get you excited for what else you will learn later on.

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