If you are bitten by an animal, consider this advice from a dog bite lawyer in Philadelphia. The first thing you should do is to seek medical attention, naturally. You should also be aware of some facts about animal bite cases and law.

Preparing Your Case


If you think you might have a legal case against the animal's owner, be sure to prepare for your first meeting with a lawyer. Find an area attorney with experience in animal bite cases, of course. Bear in mind that animal handlers. landlords, property owners, and the parents of minors may also be defendants.

The advice is pretty much the same for any personal injury case: take notes on the circumstances of the attack, get the contact information for witnesses, collect your medical bills, get a copy of any police report that was filed.

Know the Law


Liability laws do generally hold the animal's owner responsible for injuries or property damage the animal may cause. In some states an owner is liable for a dog bite, even if he or she did not suspect the dog was dangerous. In other states, the owner is only liable if they knew, or should have known, that the dog was prone to biting. A lawyer experienced in animal bite cases will know how to show the animal's owner was aware of the risk, or should have been. 

Animal Bite Legal Defenses


Animal bite attorneys also know how to handle the potential defenses an animal owner might use. The animal's owner might, for example, claim it was obvious the animal was dangerous and the victim put themselves in harm's way. This defense may work if there were signs posted or if the owner issued a verbal warning. If someone reaches over the warning sign and gets bitten, they may not have a legal case.


As a dog bite lawyer in Philadelphia, I can help you prepare a case if you were injured by a dog or another animal through no fault of your own. 

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