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Physical education is not just about the physical sport.  It entails a mix of three unique aspects, which include willpower education, cooperative education and regular education.  AIDI International School has set up 11 sports elective courses. These courses will provide students with training in basic project learning.  It will also provide professional training for the club of choice, and sports competitions as part of the school team.  In addition, students will be provided with support at the different levels of teaching development. 


“Excellent elites must first be good at mastering their own body.”

True physical education is about having the will to change and improve ones own qualities through physical excersize.  We want to train students as real elites, so that they can confidently control their own body, thinking and spirit.  As a result, the Aidi School has specially designed 11 sports elective courses including basketball, table tennis, badminton, billiards, fencing, swimming and golf.  Students can choose to participate in the course according to their own interests.


In a sense, willpower usually refers to all of our spiritual life, and it is the spiritual force in guiding our behavior in all aspects of life


What is willpower?  

Willpower is what drives us to succeed.  It is the driving force within us that helps us to achieve our own greatness.  Once we are able to tap into our willpower we are able to restrain our impulses and resist temptation.  In sports activities, it is important to challenge a persons will by training one to judge things in order to put forward clear and objective goals.  Whether you are in the game or in life, having keen insight and determination are the keys to success.


In the fencing class of Aidi International School China, teachers will train students through competition.  Students must be able to analyze the elegant movements and flexible tactics of their opponent in order to adjust their own combat strategies.  In the step-by-step training, students can gradually learn to calmly think and observe before making a firm decision, as opposed to making a hasty decision blindly and hesitantly.


Secondly, it is a good way to achieve the goal of exercise.  Billiards, is movement while remaining static, or in other words it is static movement. The school professor of billiards, hopes that students can learn to make moves with a cool mindset inorder to make more favourable judgments, rather than fail due to chaos created by panic.  It takes precision and focus inorder to determine how to make your move.  The more there is going on in the situation the more important it is for players to think calmly and use their tacit knowdlege, mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills to determine the most appropriate move.   



 Thirdly, it is a good way to learn how to overcome the psychological and physical barriers one  faces  inorder to achieve the goal.  Sports training is a process of learning how to overcome fatigue.  It is the struggle between ones physical strength and intellectual strength.  Without a stong good will, it is difficult to be successful in the end.


While other sprots require more physical strength swimming requires more perseverance.  Students will need more endurance to complete their study in this course.  In this study students will not only have a strong physique, but will aslo be encouraged to use their full strength to perservere and reach their target, untimatley being instilled with confidence. 


Individuals can do things well, the team can make things bigger.

Beijing Aidi School put a lot of thought into the make-up of the elective courses, making sure to incorporate team spirit and collaborative education into the training.  


On the pitch, a man runs with the ball. However, “going solo” does not bring victory to the team.  In addition to having tacit knowledge having trust and cooperation between members can help to maximize the effectiveness of the team.  

TheThe students in Aidi International School are not yet independently living in society however, it is important to prepare kids to be able to.  Therefore, Aidi International School teaches students the skill- set of cooperation, which aids students’ situational awareness so that they can better integrate into society.



“Compliance with the rules is the best self-protection.”

In both sports and in society it is important to pay attention to the rules.  The sports classroom of Aidi International School provides the right place, time and situation to enforce the education of adhering to rules.


 In Aidi's fencing classroom, the teacher asked the students to wear protective clothing for each practice.  This may have seemed like a trivial task, but if not followed it would increase the risk factor for the students.


In addition, the Aidi school team training, has a similar militarized management set of team rules that enforces students to comply with the set training time.  Students are required to provide a notice in advance of absence.  Whether it is to do with the sports dress code or the training regulations, strict requirments are implemented by teachers to enforce the importance rules. 

“Sports are an international language, and people can communicate freely without translation or explanation.”

As a student of an international school, studying in an overseas university is the ultimate goal.  When you go abroad to study in a completely different environment, sports as a social skill can help you quickly find a group of like-minded friends and can help them integrate into a new life more quickly.


Sports are not the only way to guide students to having better health, but it is also an important part of having an elite education. Aidi International School provides courses of multidimensional choice and three levels of teaching system for students in hopes to help students “customize the future” more comprehensively. 

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