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The A-Level scores from June were recently released. The students of Aidi High School in England had excellent results, making the dream of students to enroll in their dream Universities, a reality. Many students of Aidi International school received an A or A*.

So, what does it mean to get several A’s in the A-Level examination?

In fact, the A-Level test is recognized more internationally, than in England. It is an advanced level of general secondary certificate in Britain. It is also a University entrance examination course for British students and similar to our national college entrance examination. The A-Level certificate is accepted as an admission by English Universities for new students.


A-level courses have many subjects to choose from. Usually, you can choose 4 subjects to study in the first year the A-level and 3 subjects that you are good in, for the second year. Most universities require only 3 courses.  Students who study 4 courses have high requirements for themselves. It is definitely not easy to get all A’s in the exam.

The A-Level has six levels, A B C D E and U. A is 80 to 100, B is 70 to 80, C is 60 to 70, D is 50 to 60, E is 40 to 50, and U is 40 or less.

As part of the professional British Oxford and University of Cambridge, requirements for students, an A-Level score of A*AA is required. In general, students whose 3 courses reached AAA or AAB can apply for most of the British high academic level Universities including the, "Five schools of Gold.” These include the Universities of Imperial Science and Engineering, London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London and so on. Similarly, A-Levels have also been recognized by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, among other prestigious schools.

Aidi International School China can help you go to a renowned university!


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