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Over the past few days the "My way" salon event in Beijing Aidi School ended successfully. Three outstanding graduates shared their ‘out of the ordinary’ growth path and let us see that although the road to success is not the same, they all have a common characteristic which is to know what you want to be.


Three outstanding graduates are born to academic research, have active thinking and have experienced setbacks, and finally try to find their own direction.  They set clear objectives and are good at planning their work. In fact, they feel every child is a genius. It depends on whether he or she can find his or her talents.


An international champion of good thinking

—Huiting Wu



If you invest all of your energy on your studies, how will your fate be?


Wu Huiting who took the international college entrance exam at 99.9 points highlighted a well-deserved accomplishment. This unbelievable success is achieved by various factors, but Wu Huiting shares two important objective reasons: one is that she chose the Australian college entrance examination where Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English are her strengths. Secondly, teachers of Aidi International School in Beijing provided a lot of help to her in school to apply for the school, so she can concentrate on learning. She has a very unique idea: she will devote all her energies to her studies, gamble with fate, and see how much her fate will change.

Then, as an environmentalist, she decided to switch from actuarial studies at the Australian National University to Solar Energy majors. Now she is studying for her doctorate and is invited to speak at the EUPVSEC European Solar Energy Summit. Wu Huiting did not forget to remind the guests, “If you have decided to go abroad, hoping to gain a foothold in foreign countries, you must first learn their knowledge, so as not to lose yourself in the foreign culture.”


As students we go to different foreign countries and I think Aidi Best International School in China is really cool!



“Know what you want.”

—Mutong Han



Han Mutong, a girl who is bubbly, a fashionista and a little rebellious, is having a unique, colorful time in Aidi  International School. Han Mutong became more confident and attained a clearer goal. After graduation, she enrolled in film studies at the University of Sussex, and produced short film, “I am Pauline” which was screened at the Eleventh Chinese Youth Video Screenings in exhibition and won the new film award.

At the Alumni Association, Han Mutong and everyone shared their experiences in studying abroad, from Iceland where they saw the aurora, to Prague to see fairy tales, and to Belgium to visit the castles. Always suffused with a glow of confidence Han Mutong, said, “Enjoy life, love yourself now.” She thanks Aidi School for giving her such a good platform, and also thanked her parents who believed in their choice. She told everyone that she always knew what she wanted, and for students like this, parents and schools had to trust in them.

Studying abroad is regarded as project management

—Hang Li


I'm a student of Beijing International School China, so I never know what is timidity.

Parents will want their children to be like him: return overseas, get a job in a famous company with a salary increase. Li Hang said, he began to face big challenges and was also very timid. The word "timid" gradually disappeared from his dictionary through many experiences in Beijing Aidi School. This is how Aidi School surprised him. As long as you dare to express your willingness to serve the students you are likely to produce leaders.


In Aidi School, Li Hang’s social ability has been demonstrated.


Graduates have different characteristics of the road to success, but the common characteristics between them are, to choose a suitable direction, with the development of a clear vision.  In their words, "Always know where you want to go yourself.” 

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