Aidi School Volunteers Open New Music Hall for Dandelion Middle School

After months of hard work to fundraise, donate and construct, the Aidi Middle School children are proud to unveil the new Music Rehearsal Hall for the Dandelion Middle School. Together, the students have toiled to transform the barren room into a beauty.

On the 4th of June, Beijing Aidi School held the ceremony for official opening of the Aidi Music Rehearsal Hall at the Dandelion Middle School – celebrating Aidi School’s donation and marking the joint effort between the schools to work together in successfully repairing the music room. The school principals of Aidi School and Dandelion Middle School, Liu LI and Zheng Hong attended the moving ceremony together, as the audience was brimming with teachers and students from both schools to witness this memorable event.

Dandelion Middle School is a school that truly benefits and develops from the time and affection that its community puts into it. Originally, the school’s music classroom was a darkened room, with little life and excitement to show: the lights were dim, the walls were mottled and the furniture was outdated and incomplete. On one of the walls was assigned the name of “Wish Wall”, where the children confessed their dreams of ‘performing on the big stage’ and ‘being a musician’ through art, but these posters fell from the walls like leaves in Autumn. They desperately needed a new music classroom to be built, if their dreams were to ever be realised and Aidi School was eager to help.

On April 23rd, after initial talks and preparations, the students from Aidi School’s ‘1590’ voluntary association came bounding into Dandelion Middle School! The students were saddened by the environment that the Dandelion students had to cope with: crowded building, poor quality equipment which would lead to a difficult learning environment. This certainly didn’t not dampen their spirits and goals for this school, nor did their different experience ever become an obstacle between the students of the two schools establishing close friendships. Together, they painted walls and furnished the rooms with eye-catching oil paintings, whilst Aidi School fundraised for the installation of lighting, equipment and chairs. By the 4th of June, their journey was complete and the ‘Aidi Music Rehearsal Hall’ was finally created!

The newly renovated Hall boasted warm and bright incandescent lighting to brighten not only the scene but everyone’s moods, and a magnificent mirror to make the hall look luxuriously spacious. The colourful paintings around the room, portrayed happy and positive imagery of music and friendship. The hall will be used throughout by the Dandelion Middle School children but will be used together with Aidi School to rehearse for their highly anticipated performance on the 12th of June at the Poly Theatre.

President Liu Li, proud of what these two schools have achieved commented “I hope this voluntary initiative from Aidi School can make the Dandelion School students feel the warmth of Aidi’s affection, but also show that Aidi school students are willing to dedicate time to participate in the Dandelion secondary school music classroom repair. We know that Aidi School students feel gratified for what they have done, and hope that other students can take this as an opportunity, to participate more in voluntary activities”

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