All You Need to Know About Digital Badges

Are you pondering over studying about digital badges but have no clue where to begin from? This article is exactly for people like you as it is going to provide you with all the information that you need to gather on digital badges.

So let us begin with the basic definition of Digital Badges.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is considered as a mark of achievement or a skill that is accessible, displayable & verifiable online. And they can be pursued in a number of environments, most of which are found online.

There is a controversy around digital badges which is that a lot of people have made it a catch-all term for all kinds of digital credentials, however, in reality, a digital badge is one of the subsets of digital credentials.

The credentialing ecosystem is humongous and digital badges are just a small part of it. They serve as a recognition for accomplishment and learning. A digital badge, as the name suggests, is a digital proof of a certain achievement.

Let us go into the further details of digital credentials to understand where a digital badge stands in the huge credentialing system.

What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials are just the digital form of any of the physical credentials that you may possess. From a driver’s license & passport to an online certification & training completion certificate, a digital badge can be a digital version of any of these conventionally paper credentials.

What is the confusion regarding digital badges across industries?

Almost every industry of today is using the terms digital credentials due to the vast range of credentials available on the market. For each industry, there are different meanings to digital credentials as for a few tech industries, things like a user ID or password is referred to as digital credentials, while, the digital form of a conventional paper certificate is often called a digital credential.

What are the different kinds of digital credentials?

When I talk about digital credentials associated with learning, there are three major forms of it that are:

  1.    Test-Based Digital Credentials

This type of digital credential is earned by those people who pursue a course, gain mastery in a subject & prove his or her proficiency in it by taking a proctored exam. This category mostly covers credentials that are of pretty high stakes.

  1.    Digital Certificates

Similar to a Test-Based Digital Credential, digital certificates are issued to someone who completes a course or else a seminar. However, there is no compulsion of taking a proctored exam in this case. If you possess a certificate regarding a membership of an association or group, there are digital equivalents of that as well.

  1.    Digital Badges

In their initial stages of growth, digital badges are sometimes issued for high ranking accomplishments (for example, passing a course by going through rigorous tests) and at other times they are provided for smaller tasks such as attending a human resources training or perhaps for watching a certain video.

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