All you wanted to know about PGMP certification

If you are a project manager in one of the reputable organizations in Qatar and you wish to improve your career prospects in the same organization or you want to look out for job opportunities in other companies, you may consider doing PGMP certification. PGMP-Project Management Professional is a valuable certification that is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The main objective of this certification is to teach program governing and program managing to the managers. It helps project managers working for organizations, at any level.


However, there are certain eligibility requirements for applying for the PGMP certification in Qatar and elsewhere. For applying for the PGMP certification, candidates should meet the following requirements:


Project managers should have at least 4 years or 6000 hours of experience in management. OR, they should have 7 years of working experience in program management along with diploma degree or equivalent.


Project managers should have minimum of 6000 hours or 4 years of work experience in project management and 6000 hours or 4 years of work experience in program management along with a bachelor degree or equivalent.


If you meet the above requirements only then you can apply for PGMP certification in Qatar. In order to become PGMP certified professional, you would need to clear the PGMP certification examination. The examination consists of 170 questions with different evaluation panels. 25% of the questions are related to program executing. 20% of the questions are about program planning and 21% questions are about program controlling. 14% questions would be related to program defining, 12% questions about program initiating and remaining 8% about program closing.


There are 3 panels that handle the PGMP certification. The first panel is responsible for analysing the applicant’s eligibility criterion. The second panel includes the prometric centers that conduct the examination on behalf of the PMI. The third panel evaluates the candidate on the basis of multi rating assessments.


You can apply for the PGMP examination in any of the nearby prometric centers. There are many such centers in Qatar that allow interested candidates to apply for this valuable examination and certification. Nowadays, one can also apply online for this particular examination. You would need to submit your proofs in order to verify your eligibility for this examination. Once your eligibility is confirmed, an email would be sent to you from the PMI. You would be asked to pay the exam fee and schedule the examination as per your convenience.


PGMP certification hold a great value in the working world. Whether you are living and working in Qatar or anywhere else, appear for the PGMP exam and be a certified PGMP holder to take your career on the next level. 

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