Alternative Learning Methods for Your Hyperactive Child


Children who are diagnosed with ADHD have a hard time concentrating and paying attention to their surroundings. In other words, it is difficult for them to follow conventional rules and methods of learning. In most cases they are regarded as children with a learning disability, while it is mostly a question of teaching approach.

Focus on Teaching Them With Experience


ADHD will be a big problem in regular schools, because teachers are unaware how to approach the problem, and they could misinterpret the child’s behavior as if they were trying to disrupt the class. However, if incidental learning is involved in such classes, it can help those kids, as they will be able to learn, without having to pay full attention. Moreover, teachers can include exercises which only take a few minutes, so that the child’s attention is not focused on anything else.

Include a Dynamic Flow of Information


While it seems unlikely that kids with ADHD could focus on learning anything for a longer period of time, it is possible. Since the introduction of hyper-texting and including links within a post, it is as if you were having short attention span yourself. For those children, it will be a very approachable way to learn at home, because they will have all the information available, but they can choose what and when to read upon.

Feeding Natural Curiosity

Children have an innate ability and capacity to explore and to find out what the things around them are. Curiosity is one of the driving forces of learning, and unless it is being nurtured, it will be hard to find a good approach, even for those with ADHD. Luckily, the Montessori method does exactly that, caters to the naturally curios mind of children. It will help them try to focus on things without losing interest immediately.


Give Thought to Multiple Intelligence

If we take a look at the multiple intelligences approach, it will be clear that some are better at things because one of their intelligence is being more developed than the others. A similar thinking could be applied to children with ADHD. For them, it will be good to discover their strong intelligence, focus on them, and after try to figure out how to strengthen the weaker ones. Bear in mind that not all children will be able to perform the same. Nevertheless, it will allow for each child to gain the ability to focus at an increased rate.


Teaching children can be difficult, and when they have some kind of learning disability to hinder their advancements, it will be even harder to get them to focus on what is going on in the classroom. Nevertheless, there are ways to include even their short attention span and to help them get the most out of a class. You will have to rely on patience a lot, because without it you cannot hope to explain anything. The most important thing will be to understand the problem you are facing, and to find an adequate approach to help the child.


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