Apps Helping Raise Kid’s School Productivity

In a few months, all kids will come back to school and parents keep up asking how to help them in their school performance. So here’s an overview of the most effective, helpful, and free apps to raise kids’ school productivity. The list is based on 2 main characteristics: time and skills effectiveness, which means kids spend more time for school and, in the meantime, acquire new skills useful for it. 

ClassDojo is a great tool bonding students, teachers, and parents in a good way and turning a classroom into a warm community. Teachers set up accounts for kids and ask parents to download the app and monitor kids’ performance. 

Teachers encourage kids to work diligently, be good, and help others by giving feedback at class. They may send pictures and videos of class moments. Children may add pictures and videos as well to their Story and send them to parents.

A parent may know how the day was if a kid shares their Class Story. What’s also great about this app is that parents and teachers can privately write each other without sharing contacts.

Cozi Family Organizer is available for Android and iOS users. It’s like a common family platform united all the family members’ devices. Everyone in the family can access any time a shared calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, recipe box, family journal, etc.

Its powerful to-do list allows parents to assign tasks with checklists and reminds every time when a kid forgets something. What a great tool to cultivate responsibility!

Another great feature is Family Journal. It is good for busy parents who don’t’ want to miss a thing about their kid’s upbringing but still are too much overload to remember everything. 

Speaking of overload and upbringing, here’s another great app Kidgy.  Parents can find it on the Google Play Store or App Store. This is a parental control app which helps parents cultivate a safe online environment for kids’ education and engrain responsibility and accountability. It is really an effective tool for education.  There are at least 2 reasons for that.

Besides being great in terms of child online safety, it helps parents restrict or block time kids spend for YouTube watch or any or surfing other sites and releases it for sleep and school. By the way, it blocks apps too. We all know how obsessed kids might be with certain apps which literally devour their time at the expense of mental and physical health. 

Its Scheduler feature allows a parent to set a task and follow its completion. On the way, they can guide, help, consult, add new requests, etc.

Also, you may track your kid’s current GPS location and check their whereabouts which means if they are supposed to be at home this time doing after-school routines but they are not, you may step in and find out what’s the problem.

For those parents whose kid is a little bit distractive (yeah, this happens) and is used to wandering after school, there’s the FamilyWhere app. So parents can locate the phone and check family members’ location on a map. So if you’re kid is far from school and is getting around somewhere you may ask an older brother or sister (or anybody you decide to connect) to pick them up. Besides, if your kid is visiting a new place, you’ll get a notification. So this app is good if the current location of your kid is your main focus. 

PowerSchool Mobile allows parents to be engaged in their children’s performance. Teachers are also involved. Parents get teacher’s comments on student’s success via email directly from the teacher’s Gradebook. Parents can watch through assignments, grades, attendance, and control if a kid meets all deadlines which respectively influence school achievements. Kids stay accountable and parents keep a peace of mind that their beloved ones have a chance to go to college.

When learning about different apps and facing comments like “the Internet harms kids”, I do realize that apps can be turned into education providers allies giving powerful opportunities to all participants. 

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