Ask and it shall be given (ForTeachers)

I was teaching Chemistry in school system to be unnamed (The name has been excluded to protect the innocent). The lab equipment was so outdated, I hated to use it. I was frustrated one day I left and just took a walk (on my lunch hour). The school was located in an Industrial District. I found there was a building in walking distance that had a sign on the front that said Shulton (the makers of OLD SPICE). I walked in; ask to speak to the person in charge and the receptionist, much to my surprise say follow the line on the floor. When I got to the manager’s office, I explained that I was a chemistry teacher and my lab was so ill-equipped I could cry. His reply made me a little nervous (Twilight Zone type nervous.) He said “I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON YOU”. He further replied “we have money in the budget for this type of thing but no one has ever asked before you.

I was able to take my Chemistry students on a tour of the facility. There were given demonstrations of the latest lab equipment. They were all given Shulton Products gift packs and 7 were even given JOBS.

This opened up a flood gate for me.

I subsequently took my chemistry class to the plant that made Bayer Aspirin. There we saw the MOST sophisticated laboratory equipment in the world.

Later, in an effort to show jobs associated with chemistry we went to the Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant and had a lecture demonstration that had my students going WOW? and “Oh My God!

Action Step:

In today’s environment, many schools have eliminated field trips. Embrace technology teachers, buy a video camera. (you can get an adequate one now for only $150.00. My first one cost $1000.00). Ask the managers of the facility that you want to tour to allow you to video tape a tour for your students. Some facilities do not allow cameras. Allow one of the managers to hold the camera (do the taping). If you can’t go on the field trip bring the field trip to you.

I created spirit-de-corps by having all my chemistry students wear their chemistry shirts when we did take a field trip

Action Step:

DO NOT ASSUME A NO ANSWER! Ask for assistance teaching. You will be surprised. Some factories will even send a representative out to do a presentation.

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