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To get the Avaya 3171T exam certification is the goal of many IT people & Network professionals. The pass rate of Certqueen is incredibly high. We are committed to your success.Now it is a society of abundant capable people, and there are still a lot of industry is lack of talent, such as the IT industry is quite lack of technical talents. Avaya certification 3171T exam is one of testing IT technology certification exams.

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Your customer is interested in the Avaya Aura Session Manager's Branch SIP trunk function, which provides SIP trunks as a shared source with local self-surviving capabilities. You need to explain what happens to the branch when the core network fails. 
Which of the following statements should be reflected in your report? (Please Select Two) 
A. To the control of the dry branch of the SIP phone, from the core of Session Manager move to the branch of Session Manager 
B. Outbound call of the branch, before routing to the SIP Service Provider, through the LSP and branch gateway first 
C. Local Survivable Processor (LSP) directly connects to the SIP Service Provider 
D. Branch of the gateway should be connected to the SIP Service Provider 
E. The branch gateway is connected to the local surviving server LSP and the LSP is the call controller 
Answer: AE

Which of the following are the strategic features of Avaya reduce the total owing cost and the offering value for the customers? (Please Choose Two) 
A. Reduce the number of hardware via virtualization 
B. Interoperability between manufacturers 
C. Complex server cluster 
D. "rip and replace" 
E. Patent standards 
Answer: AB

A customer has 9650 users. You need to use "nine (9) user-per-session model" for SIP trunks. You hope that at a time, 10% of users can use the mobile function. What is the optimal number of ASBCE security visits in the design? 
A. 1073 Standard Sessions with 107 Advanced Sessions 
B. 1073 Standard Sessions with 965 Advanced Sessions 
C. 2038 Standard Sessions with 204 Advanced Sessions 
D. 2038 Standard Sessions with 965 Advanced Sessions 
Answer: D

What are the three aspects of the enterprise's Tema Engagement requirements and solutions? (Please Select Three) 
A. The realization of growth 
B. Employee and team productivity 
C. Communication optimization 
D. Implementation of call center 
E. Optimization of Fabric Networking 
F. Network virtualization 
Answer: ABC

In addition to requiring Named User permission for each user, what must the EDP solution follow in the presence or absence of Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS)? (Please choose two options) 
A. Only one master node in each cluster requires a Server license 
B. If AAMS is HA deployment, and then both AAMS and EDP are HA 
C. If AAMS is HA deployment, and then AAMS or EDP can be HA 
D. AAMS and EDP can be used by all snap-in or other Avaya solutions 
E. CapEx-oriented Named User License and OpEx-oriented Named User cannot be mixed in the same solution 
Answer: BE

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