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The conversation about homeschooling versus traditional ideas of school is an old one that has many variations. At its heart, it’s about a choice. What is more important to you? The school has some definite advantages, like giving children a lot more opportunities to socialize and learn how to interact with others. Homeschooling has some advantages of its own, like the incredible flexibility that comes with it, allowing parents to choose what their children learn and how that information will be presented (i.e. religious or secular).

Which way is better for your child is ultimately a decision that you need to make personal and we’re not going to focus on that here. Instead, we’re going to look at some of the big advances made in recent years in terms of what’s possible for homeschooling. For in that way, the internet has certainly made things easier, with parents being able to get a lot of guidance from websites and online communities.

First, check the legal requirements

Yes, in most countries you can homeschool. That doesn’t mean you get to just do what you want. You still have certain requirements to live up to. So, you can’t just teach them pig Latin and think you’ll be okay (or they will be).

Instead, check the legal requirements. In the US check out the Home School Legal Defense Association to know what is and isn’t possible. If you’re abroad, you should check out their international section. Note that in some cases, even if you’re an American citizen, if you set up in another country you will still need to obey their homeschooling laws.

Oak Meadows  

This fully accredited distance learning school focuses on creating a “progressive experiential homeschooling curriculum that families can use independently.” They focus on having high academic standards so that those that are homeschooled are still capable of competing with any kid that had a more traditional schooling.

Do note that the curriculum is print-based. That might work well for you if you’re in one location, but won’t be quite as effective if you’re living on the open road, for example. Also, as the textbooks need to arrive, you’ll need to order them beforehand and can’t pull them up on demand.


If you’re after a more Christian faith-oriented program, check out Sonlight. This organization is all about weaving faith into a strong educational basis, that still teaches all the necessary skills that your kids will need to know.

The program is well designed so that you don’t need to spend all your time fighting and struggling to understand the books. Instead, the material will do all the heavy topic-specific lifting, so that you and your students can focus on the miracle of learning and understanding the world around you.

Khan Academy

This free online learning platform is amazing. This non-profit really covers a huge range of classes and subjects. Do note that it isn’t exactly structured like a normal curriculum, though many classes are divided into a traditional kindergarten through the 8th-grade program. That means you will need to select which courses will best suit your students so that they can have a well-rounded education.

In return for doing that, however, you’ll get access to some top-notch educational programs. There are also university level courses if you want to take your own knowledge up a notch as well. What’s more, the school offers extensive test preparation classes, so that your kid will end up writing for writing services (what is a great job opportunity) rather than the other way around.

This program works well on its own or as a way to augment what you’re already doing.

This school has been around for about 20 years and in that time has learned a lot about how to homeschool children. This shows in their BBB accreditation, where they receive a solid A-. For that reason, you know you’re in good hands when you turn to them for help with your homeschooling needs.

They’ve got a lot of curriculum packages to choose from, allowing you to take a varied and open approach to teaching your children, without having to reinvent the wheel each step of the way.

Last words

Really, those are just a few of the choice out there, but they are certainly good ones. If you’re trying to decide which ones are best, make sure that you read a lot of the reviews. Also, be careful of affiliate sites. These are websites that make money from getting you to click through to a website and buying a product.

Often, they’ll be more interested in pushing a specific program because they get paid more than giving you the best choice first. Most websites do announce when they make money in this way, but it isn’t always the case. So be careful.

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