Best Tech Tools for Middle School Students

With every new term you start at school, you have new needs and obstacles that require the use of fresh technology tools, gadgets and apps. There is always a solution no matter how serious the problem seems at first, so you should always try to clear your head and find the right tool to use. The following list of tech tools, websites and apps will save you from a lot of research and help you solve nearly all troubles you encounter throughout the school year.

1. Anti-Social

This tool will become your main companion during studying campaigns. The main culprit for your lack of attention when studying or researching for a particular project are social networks, and Anti-Social will help you eliminate that interference. The app will block Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites for a limited period of time that you can set from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

2. Ninja Essays

Your teachers are always making your life difficult by assigning tons of papers with impossible deadlines. Who said that your grades had to suffer because of the unreasonable workload you get? Essay writing service NinjaEssays can save your grades by providing top-notch academic writing help on any topic you can think of. The service is completely safe, affordable, and incredibly helpful for students in a time crunch. Besides academic writing assistance, you can also rely on professional editing help to improve the quality of the papers you produce.


There are many online collaboration tools you can try, but is one you should definitely try. You can use it from any mobile device or any computer and share the screen with up to 10 people. When you work on a group project or you want to explain a concept to one of your classmates, you can use this screen-sharing service as a distance learning tool.

4. Justin Power Case by Innovative Technology

It’s great when you have your smartphone and tablet with you at all times, since your education is practically dependent upon them. You use your gadgets to take notes at class and find all information you need without the need to spend hours in the library. Thus, nothing can be more annoying than an empty battery. If you have a Justin Power Case for your device, you will be able to charge your iPhone and iPad through a universal USB port and save yourself from frustrations.

5. Podio

Collaboration with other students can be really frustrating when you don’t have the right tool that coordinates your activities. Podio provides a convenient real-time online environment that helps you team up with your classmates and work on projects, organize study groups and join forces for an important research. Your teachers will immediately recognize that the team spirit in the group has been improved.

6. Stick-N-Find sticker

As you move from class to class, you can easily lose your smartphone or tablet. This location sticker will save you in such situation, since it will enable you to easily track down your devices through Bluetooth SMART technology, whether they got stolen or lost.

7. Touchfire Keyboard

This affordable addition to your iPad will enable you to become much faster when taking notes at class. The clear keyboard (made of silicone) is attached over the on-screen keyboard of your device and enables you to type more accurately. The keyboard is thin, light and easy to clean. It requires no Bluetooth connection and no batteries to charge.

Get Ready for a More Productive School Year

Haven’t you always wished to be like those students who always seem to have things in order? Their organizing and learning skills are not based on some superpower; they simply know what tools to rely on in order to tackle all educational challenges. The 7 tools and apps listed above will help you stay calm in any situation and handle the new term like a boss.

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