Brain training free download with some brain exercises that are fun and is a first step to helping a child improve thier intelligence. are passionate about improving the intelligence levels of all children in education and these simple brain training exercises are a great introduction for kids to challenge the brain to be smarter and fitter. Anyone can download the brain training lesson, they are 100% free, no email or sign up required and we hope these lessons will be useful to teachers, parents, kids, adults, in fact anyone who cares to reach their reaching their intellectual potential. The brain training free lessons is a .pdf file containing a series of brain exercises that a child can do at home, while relaxing oe even in a classroom.

To get started to improving brain health in children, a teacher or guardian can download the lessons and print it off or view it on a PC, iPad or a mobile device. The lesson consists of a series of scientifically developed brain exercises that anyone of any age can try to solve wherever and whenever it suits. While this free brain training should be fun, every exercise is scientifically designed to improve the intelligence and working memory. We encourage the child to work on each one in sequence and practice regularly in order to experience some IQ gains.

For any child,teacher or parent interested in further improving your brain health and fitness, you can get more brain training free lessons online, just sign up for a free trial (again no credit card required) at Also RaiseYourIQ has a free school option, where any school can get 30 credits for a classroom free, forever!!!. RaiseYourIQ is the only scientifically proven brain training course to raise your IQ by 20-30 points.

Download the free brain training lessons here. now and get your brain fitter with some free SMART brain training from

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