Can your employer ask you questions on your health before hiring you?

When you go through the process of searching for jobs, there are high chances that you might get busy with the procedure of submitting your resumes, making your interview skills perfect, gaining expertise in networking meetings and many other tasks. One thing that most of the job seekers forget about is the biggest hurdle of employment which is the background checks where there are several checks performed including a medical and health check-up. For the employers, medical conditions might seek like a complex subject.

Employers require knowing where exactly the potential candidate stands so that he doesn’t break the law of the organization. Moreover, it is also required that you remain aware of the needs and requirements of every employee. There are times when the employers check whether or not you have any pre-medical conditions for which you have a health insurance policy. So, don’t you think it is wise enough to get minimum coverage from firms like iSelect so that you don’t fail to grab a job?

The employers ask questions about your health before he offers a job

When you apply for a job, the employers are not usually allowed to ask any queries about any kind of disability or about your medical health. Even though you have poor health or any kind of disability, that shouldn’t bar you from getting a job. The employer should not base his decisions on your health conditions when he plans to place you in a pool of candidates to whom he wishes to offer a job. This is illegal as per the Equality Act of 2010. He shouldn’t ask you anything about your previous sickness leaves or he should never ask you to fill a question offered by a health adviser.

When is it permissible for an employer to ask questions about your health?

There are few situations when the employer may ask you questions regarding your health before he offers you a job. Such situations are any of the following:

  • Questions to determine diversity amidst the people who have applied to the same employer are allowed. But the monitoring form should not be mixed with the application form.
  • Questions to determine whether or not you can be able to benefit from the measures that the company has in place like guaranteed scheme for interview.
  • In case the job for which you are applying demands someone with a specific disability and when there is vacancy for such a job.

In the above mentioned 3 situations, the employer requires making it clear why they ask such questions and for what they need these information. When an employer requires applying for a deaf project, he has to check whether or not the applicant is perfect for the job.

Therefore, if you are busy with your interview process so that you could grab the best job in the market, you should also pay attention to your health and whether or not the employer is making unnecessary health checks before hiring you.

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