Career Progress through Continued Education: Myth or Reality

The speed at which the business world today is functioning leaves no room for improvisation. Time is money and money frees your time, given that you master the ability of working less and earning more. It sounds illogical and impossible, but the fact is that a study has shown that some nations work less than others and still have a higher standard of living. The point is in a well-organized education system and smooth labor market. Every system can encourage its members to yield better results if they are equipped with all the knowledge necessary for it. It basically means that access to knowledge and information throughout your career increases the chances of achieving the goal of working less and be more productive. But is it possible to accomplish that?


Interest of companies


Large and rich players are able to see the importance of constant gaining of knowledge. That is why many boards of directors and department managers invest in their workers, as shown in this research. It has been proven that more investments in people and their seamless education will bring more money to the company. It is not anybody's good will, but simply an economic rule. Workers can take advantage of such an approach and try to direct their process of learning at work to the fields they are especially interested in. If you are a web developer and your company wants to pay your additional courses, you could specialize in some related niches, such as creating games. It is applicable in all sorts of jobs and bear in mind that the more knowledge you get the better job you will be able to find.


Learning from home


The webization of the world enables us to improve our work and communication skills from our own living room. Thanks to various websites that promote sharing information and upload free classes, we can learn how to do many different things almost for free (you still have to pay the Internet connection). We would otherwise have to waste thousands of dollars to raise our skills to a higher level. What is even more affordable for companies today is the possibility of organizing online seminars, so called webinars, where their employees do not have to travel anywhere, but do their courses online. That cuts the expenses of the company and improves the workers' qualities. HR pros should make an effort and find a proper training for a specific skill. If a course or training offers many different features at once, your workers will probably learn none of them.


Keep the motivation alive


After a while, we often start losing motivation for the job we are doing. It is a natural process and that is why labor psychology exists in the first place. By listening to your wishes and incorporating them into the company's policies, every company can motivate the workers to a pretty high extent. Also, special bonuses for useful work contributions or passed trainings could also be a great incentive for workers. In addition to that, workers themselves need to keep their intrinsic motivation high. Think about your next steps and the possibilities that a promotion or a salary raise could bring you. 

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