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Share some CAMS Certification CAMS exam questions and answers below.
To ensure that an institution¡¯s anti-money laundering program is current, which step should be taken? 
A. The program should be evaluated and updated at least every six months be the Board of 
B. The program should be reviews by a federal law enforcement officer for gaps in controls 
C. The program should be sent to the institution¡¯s government regulator on a periodic basis 
D. The program should be reassessed at least annually 
Answer: D

An anti-money laundering specialist at a financial institution has received a legal request to provide all transaction records for a specific individual since 2004. Which three items should be delivered? 
A. Monthly statements and transaction activities for that individual since 2004 
B. All wire transfer for that individual since 2004 
C. All security trading activities for that individual since 2004 
D. Signature cards from accounts opened by that individual since 2004 
Answer: A, B, C

An anti-money laundering specialist at a large institution is responsible for information senior management about the status of the anti-money laundering program across the organization. Which report is the most useful? 
A. The total credit exposure for non-cooperative countries and territories 
B. Results of related audits and examinations 
C. Details on inquires received from law enforcement 
D. Notification of management changes in the different major divisions 
Answer: B

Which three are principles found in the document ¡°Principles of information Exchange between Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs)¡±? 
A. The exchange of information between FIUs should take place as informally and as rapidly as possible and with no prerequisites, while guaranteeing protection of privacy and confidentiality of the shared data 
B. Differences in the definition of offenses that fall under the competence of FIUs should be before free exchange of information takes place 
C. The Egmont principle of free exchange of information at the FIU level should be possible on the basis of reciprocity, including spontaneous exchange 
D. It should be possible for communication between FIUs to take place directly and without intermediaries 
Answer: A, C, D

What is most valuable when using the internet as an investigative source? 
A. A team of AML investigators 
B. A reference list of websites known to yield credible information 
C. A combination of independent thinking and technical skills 
D. A powerful search engine 
Answer: B

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