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Share ACAMS CAMS exam questions and answers below:

1.How do drug traffickers and other criminals use the fine art industry to disguise illicit proceeds?
A. They use forged or fraudulent invoicing of priceless works of art by auction houses
B. They commingle legitimate and illicit proceeds by principals for payment of fine art
C. They immediately resell priceless works of art after purchase from a foreign auction house
D. They use anonymous agents to buy the art and have the payment wired from offshore havens
Answer: D

2.An  anti-money  laundering  specialist  at  a  large  institution  is  responsible  for  information  senior management about the status of the anti-money laundering program across the organization. Which report is the most useful?
A. The total credit exposure for non-cooperative countries and territories
B. Results of related audits and examinations
C. Details on inquires received from law enforcement
D. Notification of management changes in the different major divisions
Answer: B

3.What is most valuable when using the internet as an investigative source?
A. A team of AML investigators
B. A reference list of websites known to yield credible information
C. A combination of independent thinking and technical skills
D. A powerful search engine
Answer: B

4.What  should  senior  management  do in  order  to  promote  a  culture  of  anti-money  laundering compliance?
A. They should include compliance with AML procedures as condition of employment
B. They should attend all training sessions with front-line employment
C. They should have close ties with the independent auditors of the AML program
D. They should base employee compensation on the amount of suspicious activity they detect
Answer: A

5.What is the result of an increased awareness of the potential for gatekeepers to assist in money laundering in recent years?
A. The IMF has raised the profile of gatekeepers, requiring that countries regulate them
B. Lawyers who represent money launderers can more easily be prosecuted
C. Accountants are no longer considered gatekeepers, since they are not permitted to set up companies or trusts
D. The FATF recommendations cover lawyers performing financial transactions
Answer: B

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