[CertQueen] H13-511 HCNA-Cloud-BCCP exam practice test

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Share some HCNA-Cloud H13-511-ENU exam questions and answers below.
An enterprise is a traditional Internet data center services provider, have self-built data center.
When the company considers restructuring towards cloud computing industry, which of the following cloud computing business model is the most likely choice?
A. IaaS
B. PaaS
C. SaaS
D. DaaS
Answer: A

Virtual LAN divide a group of users on a different physical network segment into a LAN logically .
Answer: B

The company set up a cloud computing service platform. It provides virtual machine resource to make the users in need to purchase and use. Which cloud compute deployment model does this company belong to?
A. Public Cloud
B. Private Cloud
C. government Cloud
D. Hybrid Cloud
Answer: A

What types does VLAN port include ?
(Select 3 Answers)
Answer: A B C

What are the advantages of cloud computing ? (Select 3 Answers)
A. upgrading and expansion without service interruption
B. standalone hardware resource utilization is high
C. rapid deployment , flexible expansion
D. automatic scheduling , energy conservation and emissions reduction
Answer: A C D

Based on subnet division of VLAN , according to the subnet segments of access the client to inspect.
Answer: A

Cloud computing is a kind of calculation way based on Internet , in this way , the shared hardware and software resources and information can be provided to a computer or other devices as required .
Answer: A

Which statement is correct about IP addresses ?(Select 3 Answers)
A.IPv4 address is to give each host connected to the Internet assigned a 32bit address
B.IP address addressing scheme divide IP address space into A, B, C, D, E five categories, of which A, B, C is the basic class , D, E class used as multicast and reserved
C. Network layer address consists of two parts : network address and host address , network address is globally unique
D. a Class A IP address refers to four numbers in the IP address , the front two numbers for network number , and the remaining two numbers for the local computer number
Answer: A B C

From the point of cloud computing technology background, software engineering has long been oriented to machine and language host , no much changes in the whole process.
Answer: B

Based on Protocol division of VLAN, as long as the network protocol of access the client is the same.
Answer: A

We designed the Huawei Certification H13-511-ENU questions and answers for this very purpose, to prepare you for the unexpected. Beyond the testing center, the skills you learn and the knowledge you confirm using the H13-511 HCNA-Cloud-BCCP exam practice test will translate directly into your daily work environment. You can quickly and easily pass the Huawei H13-511-ENU exam by Certqueen while retaining the how-to and know-how involved in learning the skills covered in the H13-511-ENU exam.

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