Child Support: Reimbursement for Extracurricular and School Expenses

Most divorced spouses experience numerous child support problems such as extracurricular expenses. Often, separation agreements and divorce orders have explicit provisions for both partners to share such costs. That reiterates why it's vital to hire Utah divorce attorneys to guide you in a divorce process. Why? Continue reading to find out.

Often, there is no precise definition of what qualifies as an expense in child support. Furthermore, there may be uncertainty on how a spouse can be reimbursed. It may lead to conflict or mischief. It's the responsibility of both spouses and their attorneys to specify which expenses are shared and state precise reimbursement procedures to use to avoid quarrels.

Child Support Law

Child support law guides judges and Utah divorce attorneys on how to split child support expenses. A judge is supposed to determine specific factors such as recreational costs concerning a child's wellbeing when issuing a divorce order. However, each case requires a precise determination.

Sometimes, a court may rule that expenses related to athletic activities qualify as school costs. If during a post-hearing session, the judge finds it necessary to include sports fees in child support, they usually split based on the spouses' incomes.

Extracurricular Activity Expenses

First, it's necessary to determine how extracurricular activities and school costs can be split. Customarily, disputes arise when a spouse wants their child to engage in expensive extracurricular activities while the other is objective. In such a scenario, a reasonable solution is to have the partner who wants their children to take part in expensive sports meet the entire costs. Alternatively, the expenses can be split into disproportionate amounts.

Educational Expenses

Occasionally, it may be hard to define what constitutes school expenses. It’s prudent to specify what you regard as educational cost in your divorce agreement. It might include uniforms, textbooks and registration fees. However, it is not advisable to cover clothing or school supplies costs. A standard agreement should itemize expenses which the couple will split to avoid litigation.

Although you may agree on which fees to split and what they comprise, it might be tricky to create a procedure for reimbursement. For instance, a spouse may advance expenses without offering receipts until after they accumulate substantially. When they win the child support, they promptly ask their partners to reimburse them. That may get you in an awkward financial position especially if you are not ready.

In a standard child support agreement, the partner advancing fees is required to submit receipts to their partner within one month after making the advance. On the other hand, the other spouse is expected to pay their share of the expense within a month.

If the partner issuing the fee advance doesn't adhere to the set time limits, you aren't obliged to refund them. Additionally, if the other spouse fails to compensate, they are expected to meet attorney's fees and other ultimate costs. It's advisable to follow all these procedures to have a smooth divorce process.

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