Choosing the Finest HR Certification

Certifications can act as a catalyst for success and I think we all known this fact. But the main question is which certification to go for?

There are a number of able HR certifications on the market. And as they are so many of them, the competition is translating into a high-grade standard. You will find different certifications covering different topics, the one which is best for you depends on your specific area of interest.

In order to reduce your confusion, I have compiled a list of the best certification for HR professionals. Hopefully, you will be able to identify a suitable certification program for yourself.

   Human Resources Certification Institute provides seven different HR credentials.

Associate Professional in Human Resources – The certification is apt for individuals who are starting out in their HR career.

Associate Professional in Human Resources – International – People trying to start a career in Human resources internationally can pursue this certification.

Professional in Human Resources – If you are already a part of the HR field, however, need to establish yourself properly, PHR will suit your profile.

Professional in Human Resources – International – This certification program is designed to impart the knowledge of technology as well as operational Human Resources principles irrespective of geographical region.

Professional in Human Resources – California - HR professionals wanting to learn the laws, regulations & Human Resources practices belonging to the state of California should earn this certification.

Senior Professional in Human Resources – Strengthening your credibility as a Human Resources leader, SPHR is one of the ablest certifications in business today.

Senior Professional in Human Resources – International – The certification is for individuals aspiring to learn local HR practices but independent of any specific geographic location.

Global Professional in Human Resources – If you are planning to gain competence related to cross-border HR, GPHR is a suitable HR certification for you.

Regarding Details of Talent Management Institute

Talent Management Institute is the world's largest certification and credentialing body for HR, HCM and Talent Management Professionals, across 183+ countries.

Talent Management Practitioner – The HR industry’s latest advancement, Talent Management Practitioner promises you to become an excellent modern HR practitioner.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner – Designed for professionals at a slightly senior level, Senior Talent Management Practitioner prepares you to handle bigger responsibilities in your HR career.

Global Talent Management Leader – HR practitioners trying to understand this field from a global perspective & be able to perform their HR duties in any part of the world should consider going for this spectacular certification course.

Society for Human Resource Management is a relatively new institution that offers two certifications in Human Resources. Both the programs are designed on the basis of the SHRM Competency Model.

SHRM Certified Professional – an HR related degree along with three years of experience is all you require to earn this certification.

SHRM Senior Certified Professional – Developing HR strategies and aligning those to the organizational objectives is what this program promises. If you have an HR degree with six years of relevant experience in the industry, you are eligible to pursue this potent course offered by Society for Human Resource.

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