Coaching & Mentoring? - Six signs your business needs it

The key to getting some help is often as simple as realising you need it.  You know those moments when the little doubts creep into your self-conscious?  It might start with working on the train or coming in early and before you know it you're working an extra hour or two a day and you've forgotten what weekends are for.

The first sign that you need coaching & mentoring is being swamped

Whether you are expanding, suffering or drowning is a moot point.  Something has changed and whatever that change is, it's important to get a fresh perspective.  A good coach-mentor can help you develop the skills needed to cope with an expansion, offer a new outlook on why your business may be struggling and give you the energy you need to get your head above the water.

Googling 'what does a coach do?'' i­s a clear indication you need one

If Google led you here, you've clearly already considered coaching and that’s a great start.  In fact, if you are reading this at all, subconsciously you might want to consider how you found this page and this article.  It's good news you're here because clearly you have established a need for some support and coaching and mentoring are excellent at providing just that.

You are dealing with something new

We each have our comfort zones, our safe spaces where we feel confident and capable.  When we operate in these zones, we are at our best and often we don't even realise we are working.  These skill sets come so naturally to us that we can plough on ahead in autopilot.  Take us out of them however and suddenly the waters can start to feel pretty deep.  The key to succeeding at something new is realising that everyone has limits.  Even the most successful people know when it's time to get some help.

You want to change

There may be nothing wrong at all in your business.  Everything could be just fine, but maybe that's the problem.  Some companies naturally evolve while others require a little assurance to get moving.  The word disruptive has been pushing its way up Google for a reason.  If you have the slightest concern that your company is missing some viral turns and twists in the road, then coaching could help you to uncover them.  Some companies progress naturally, but there's no harm in looking at other ways to improve and alternative ways to innovate.

You need another set of ears (or eyes)

This can be particularly pertinent when your company is struggling.  It can be important to keep up morale while all you really want to do is scream.  Having someone outside the company to talk to can provide a sounding board for new ideas, offer partial advice on how to overcome obstacles, or simply provide a sympathetic perspective to help you cope with the stress of a turbulent period.  Making tough decisions is difficult and having a confidente can be a life-saver.

You recognise you're not perfect

One of the hardest things to do in business is to admit you don't know everything.  As a leader, we are often expected to appear confident and controlled in every aspect of our business life, but no one is 100% confident about everything.  Coaching  and mentoring can offer a way to develop skills you don't possess or just improve those where you're not as confident as you could be.  We might shine in the boardroom, but be too afraid to ask what Tumblr is.  Whatever our shortcomings, coaching can help us stay on top of our game or challenge us to step-up and develop some nifty new skills.

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