College Admission – Why You Can’t Do Without A Private Counselor

Are you planning to send your child to college? Determining the best academic institution to hone your child’s talents can be challenging. This is more especially if you lack proper direction regarding the current college admission landscape. It’s no use embarking on the admission process without knowledge of the best school offering vast opportunities to your child. The college entry process complex as well. For a smooth process, here’s why you can’t do without a private counselor.

Reasons to hire a private college counselor

A college admissions counselor will help you in various ways. The professional makes sure you make a good choice of college for your child. In the process, they lessen the stress brought about by the long and tiring admission process. This explains why smart parents seek assistance from private college counselors.

Do you have specific requests regarding academics, athletics or other learning needs? A college counselor checks the various colleges to locate special programs for your child. It guarantees your child of a school which suits their needs. Professional college counselors also attend conferences and visit campuses regularly. So, they have a wide array of resources coupled with a wealth of experience regarding college preparations plus managing admission requirements.

There’s more

The ratio of counselors to students in colleges is exceptionally high. It might even reach 500 students to one counselor. Because of this, ensure to find a private college counselor near me for your child. This is because the college counselors don’t get enough time for the significant number of students. There’re a lot of difficulties faced handling such overwhelming numbers of students. So, hiring a private counselor for your child guarantees enough care and attention which your child deserves.

In-house counselors most times have additional tasks to handle at school. These might include scheduling appointments, guidance regarding personal information, record keeping, conducting career and personality tests. So, they don’t have adequate time for conferences and college tours. This leads to a weak relationship with admission representatives. It’s no wonder that in-house admission counselors are often outdated regarding new admission requirements and regulations.

Here’s the catch

Parents who wish the best for their children should ensure to seek assistance from private college admission consultants. You can even work with a private counselor plus the one at school. Most times in-house counselors at colleges follow strict guidelines, requirements and job descriptions from their school.

So, your child can use the additional insight offered by a private college consultant. These will complement the guidance from the in-house college counselor who has to write thousands of recommendation letters. You can maintain a confidential relationship with the private college counselor depending on the discretion of the family. The release of any information is always dependent on the decisions of the family.

Other benefits of a private college admission counselor include:

  • Locating a college suiting the child’s profile
  • Compiling an impressive admission package
  • Offering practice for college interviews
  • Editing personal statements for maximum effect
  • Organizing the child’s paperwork
  • Ensuring cut-off dates

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