Comments on Students' Progress Report Cards

Teacher Comments on Report Cards


1. Is developing a better attitude toward ___ grade.
2. Is showing interest and enthusiasm for study.
3. Wants responsibilities and follows through.
4. Enthusiastic about participating. Gaining more self-confidence.
5. Has earned a very fine report card. Has been consistently progressing.
6. Has shown a good attitude about trying to improve in ___.
7. Is willing to take part in all classroom activities.
8. _____'s attitude toward school is excellent. Is hard-working.
9. Needs to increase speed and comprehension in reading.
10. Making steady progress academically. Is maintaining grade-level achievements.
11. Performs well everything he undertakes. Has a good attitude towards school
12. Rate of achievement makes it difficult for ___ to keep up with the class.
13. _______ shows self-confidence in writing. However, handwriting needs to be improved.
14. Cooperative, well mannered. Capable of achieving a higher average in ____.
15. Is inconsistent in his efforts, especially in ___.
16. Sacrificing accuracy for unnecessary speed in his written work.
17. Would improve if he developed a greater interest in ___.
18. Comprehends well, but needs to work more quickly.
19. Enjoys doing neat careful work. Is working well in all subjects
20. Is friendly and cooperative Has a sense of humor
21. Lacks independence / Is gaining independence
22. Is becoming more self-reliant. Is an attentive student
23. Is a polite conscientious pupil. Is especially good at ______
24. Requires too much supervision. Makes little effort when not under direct supervision
25. Is not very appreciative of the value of ( time, courtesy, sharing, neatness, accuracy)
26. _____ has matured nicely this year, academically and socially.
27. There has been a noticeable improvement in _____'s study habits this reporting period, which is very encouraging.
28. _____________ continued to blossom as the year progressed.
29. She is capable of much better work. Possesses good self discipline
30. _________has made nice progress this reporting period.
31. ___________ is a wonderful girl and I'm happy to have had her in my class.
32. She has made many fine contributions to the class and is an inspiration to her classmates.
33. With ____'s friendly, cooperative attitude, she will always be a pleasant addition to any class.
34. His friendly, sincere way has made him a very popular member of the ___ grade.
35. Regardless of how busy _________ is, he still has time to do something nice for someone. For this reason, he is one of the best-liked members of my class.
36. _____________ is a pleasant, conscientious student.
37. He is self-confident and has excellent manners.
38. She assumes responsibility well, (excels on the playground) and is well liked by her peers.
39. Experiences difficulty following directions-when unsure needs to ask for questions
40. Needs to actively participate in classroom discussion
41. Needs to pay attention in class. Does not put enough time into assignment
42. Bill excels in science. He needs more opportunities to develop his friendship skills.
43. Leslie is friendly and well-liked. She would benefit from practicing her reading fluency and comprehension skills.
44. _______ speaks very well in front of the class. However, her written work needs much improvement. With greater effort, the improvement should slowly come.
45. Although _______ is trying very hard, she is having difficulty writing smooth, fluent sentences.
46. Needs to participate in more independent reading.
47. __ needs to take his/her time and think about what he/she reads.
48. __'s writing has a refreshing sense of voice, clarity, and style.
49. answers well in class, and shows great interest and enthusiasm when discussing and offering opinions!
50. has a tendency to be quiet during discussions, and prefers to listen to others' opinions and comments.
51. All of _______'s basic skills are at grade level, but he is not working to the best of his ability.
52. _______'s school work has shown improvement over the past quarter.
53. _______ is a polite and alert _____ grader. Because he is a quiet boy, he needs to be encouraged to participate in class.
54. ______ has earned a very fine report card. _______ is maintaining grade-level expectations.
55. ____ does not put enough time into the assignments.____ needs to spend more time on assigned tasks.
56. It is possible for _______ to exceed grade expectations.
57. ______ is making progress in all academic areas. She is having some difficulty with ______, but if she continues to work hard she will see improvement soon.
58. ______ volunteers frequently and makes wonderful contributions to class. She does tend to work too quickly, which results in many careless errors.
59. ______'s excellent attitude is reflected in the work she does.
60. I am concerned about ______'s progress this year. She has shown some improvement but her growth is not where it should be at this point in the school year.
61. _______'s work is below grade standards. I am sure with that more effort and concentration he will show rapid improvement.
62. ______'s low rate of achievement makes it difficult for her to keep up with the class.
63. He/she has been cutting class and roaming around the campus. This behavior is unacceptable and could result in suspension or expulsion.
64. Many teachers have reported that he/she has been extremely disruptive in their classes. Not only is this a sign of immaturity, it is also a show of defiance and disrespect. He/she needs to improve or face administrative disciplinary action.
65. He/she is a model student and I am so glad that he/she is in my class!
66. He/she is an asset to the school and a perfect ambassador for the incoming freshman. Keep up the good work!
67. She is a budding poet. I find her work very interesting and mature beyond her years.
1. It is unfortunate that I have to bring this to your attention, but, __________ has become our class clown. He/she has a pretty strong "following" which makes teaching a chore at times, as I have to constantly refocus the class.
2. He/she has been corrected several times by myself and other teachers for using very vulgar words. While it is not out of the ordinary for most middle school students to test boundaries, I know that you do not allow such language. If he/she continues to use offensive language, disciplinary action is sure to follow.
3. He/she is an awesome student. It is a complete pleasure to have him/her in my homeroom class. I have also received positive feedback from the other teachers about his/her behavior.
4. Being prepared for class is essential to the learning experience. _____________ does not seem to take being prepared very seriously and has received lowered overall grades because of it. Your support is requested in helping to get him focused and organized.

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