Customers have enough faith in VMS Operating System – It’s something to stay in future

The HP’s VMS operating system was created by VMS from Digital Equipment Corp and according to recent reports this has turned 30 years old but noone has hardly noticed that. This is an industry where change is the only constant thing and hence VMS has very few peers belonging to this particular age bracket. The age-old software of the IBM mainframe has also turned 30 years old but this is mainly because it has been embedded in type of castle that won’t ever fail.

VMS has never had a castle but still it succeeded at first as the main prime operating system of DEC Vax minicomputer. As Wang, Data General, IBM and some other companies moved into minis, DEC stayed ahead with the architecture of Vax that is powered by VMS. Open VMS could run a Vax efficiently and more specifically; this could even run an entire clump of Vaxes, which are known as Vaxclusters.

Some important FAQ on Open VMS

  • Who are Open VMS Ambassadors?

The Open VMS ambassadors are senior HP engineers who have advanced technical knowledge and training in Open VMS and they have detailed analysis and knowledge on the present and future Open VMS releases and plans on product and with contacts with HP and ISV hardware and software engineering organizations developing Open VMS hardware platforms. In short, Open VMS ambassadors are based throughout the entire world.

  • What is there in a name, product and terminology?

The actual names for Open VMS on different platforms are Open VMS VAX, Open VMS 164 and Open VMS Alpha. The Alpha and VAX terms are usually used interchangeably and are used as the names of platforms, processor and microprocessor implementations. Intel Itanium is the name of the family of the microprocessor of the Intel IA-64 architecture. Intel Pentium and Xeon are the names of those families of microprocessor implementations of the EM64T extensions.

  • Which is better UNIX or Open VMS?

This is a question that comes up periodically and is often asked by Qt subscribers and new posters who are long time users of UNIX or Linux. Sometimes this question is ignored and other times it leads to a longer series of repititive messages that carry very little information. Open VMS and the enhanced implementation of UNIX are all operating systems, each with weaknesses and strengths. In case you’re in a position where you wish to choose, you have to choose the one that fits your personal requirements. In case you seek UNIX tools on Open VMS rather than the more philosophical discussion that was found in this section.

Hence, when it comes to software development, Open VMS plays a pretty significant role in developing the required platforms. If you don’t have enough information on what it is, you may take into account the information mentioned above. If you’re a software developer yourself, you will always need such programs at your fingertips so as to make its best use.

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