Today's lesson takes us back in history as we witness and experience what British Prime Minister during World War Two, Winston Churchill's was quoted during a difficult time in world history,"Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it.", and we will find that the events of the past will have an everlasting effect our lives today.
In the fall of 1918 a global disaster struck known as the most devastating epidemic in world history. This disease 'pandemic', known as the 'Spanish Flu', was estimated to have killed more than 40 million people world wide . . . unlike any seen in recorded history. The influenza epidemic was so severe that the average life span in the US was depressed by 10 years (Starr, 1976). The physicians of the time were helpless against this powerful agent of influenza the affected one-fifth of the worlds population. The pandemic came under control as the medical and scientific communities developed new theories and applied them to prevention, diagnostics and treatment of its' patients.
A similar 'Pandemic' is gripping this nation today! It is spreading easily from victim to victim and no cure in is sight. It's prevention and treatment is possible, but many individual refused to seek a cure. This 'disease' can trap people into a comatose state in which may paralyze them for years to come. It's easy to catch this disease and difficult to rid yourself of its' gripping hold on you. Unlike the pandemic of 1918, this disease doesn't seem to have a cure. This disease is excepted throughout our society and the scientific and medical communities have no control of this 'virus' as it looms everywhere out of control. This pandemic is called . . . MEDIOCRACY. Yes, mediocracy is the disease that is running ramped throughout our society and in our SCHOOLS. Mediocracy is not concerned with the quality of content of a culture ( or school), but it does care to some extent about appearances (window dressing - looking good on the outside). Our schools need to do better to equip you with the tools you will need to avoid this contagious disease called mediocracy.
I recently viewed an ad campaign from Kaplan University that makes a statement that the traditional higher education system (college) doesn't always meet the needs of today's adult learners and they claim in their ad to 'customize' their education to meet their needs, and by providing resources and support to help them succeed. The ad is a 60-second commercial dipicting a professor standing before a lecture hall of students and apologizes to his class that their educational experience does not have to be limited to the classroom and that it is 'time' to change the institution to the needs of 'your needs' (students).
This promotional ad campaign for Kaplan University actually speaks volumes of education today, not only for the traditional higher educational system, but for all schools K-12. The 'time' is now for change and the future of our nation falls on schools to begin TODAY. Our destiny is not written for us, but it must be written by us! Students, we owe you more than what you're receiving from your public schools. It is time we adapt to you instead of you adapting to us by 'writing' your destiny.
What is your destiny? What do you want from school/education? How do you learn? What are we doing to foster your learning styles? How is our instruction adapting to you? What is your "Personal Manifest Destiny" (How you want to expand your mind and capabilities)? Be a voice TODAY! Let us (schools) NOT repeat history by failing to meet the needs of our precious commodity . . . YOU!

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Comment by mccmodlab on January 21, 2009 at 11:49am
I think Google Sketch up is used for many purposes!!
It can be used for Social Studeis like building pyramids and what we thought kingdoms of greek and eygpt look like. We can also use google sketch up for science like diagrmas of the food chain and plant cells. There are many different uses for classes it use google sketch. I would only use google sketch up for Art but thats me!!
6th hour
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 8:17am
Dear Mr Quinlan
WE think it would be easyer if we could use the web any time of the day we think school would be easyer if we where seperated into groups with kids that are at the same point as me.School would be alot easyer if the teachers would do more things physicly.we would like to have more games about our subjects.That is what we would like to havein school.

sincerly,Josh Quinn and Logan Larsen
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 8:13am
Dear Mr. Quinlan
I think schools shools should have different styles for teaching for different students that learn in all different ways.For example I want to be a docter when I get older so by learning in doing things that are related to medical ways.Students sometimes learn at different slower than other students so teachers should work one on one with students that work slower than others so they under stand better . That is what I would like to see in schools.Clayton Malkowski 3rd hour
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 8:11am
dear mr.quinlan

in school i would like to be tugh better.Iwould like to have one of those comfortable chairs.I would like to be taught better in math .

Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 8:06am
Dear Mr.Quinlan I want a school that lets us pick what classes we have. Oh and 1 more thing we should make leaning in a FUN type way.
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 8:06am
Dear Mr.Quinlan I want a school that lets us pick what classes we have. Oh and 1 more thing we should make leaning in a FUN type way.
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 7:59am
I dont think there should not be that many changes but it

would be nice to go to school on a competer when ever you

want. becuase you would not half to leave your house to go to school. from Lee Grassman to mister qin lan
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 7:57am
Alex Peters and Tyler Cook
Dear Mr.Quinlan
Tyler and I would like to be teached not at a desk but at a comfortable chair like all the MCC teachers sit in. We would like subs not only to write down what the main teacher wrote but to explain it more detailed. We would also like to have more career classes. For example,we would like to know what our futures are when we grow up. Tyler said"insted of being teached what the teachers want us to learn there way,he wants to learn his own way.
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 7:56am
dear Mr.quinlan,in school i think we should have more hands on activites and less talking teachers.Also i think we should have more chances to work on the computer.

crystal knutson
Comment by mccmodlab on January 16, 2009 at 7:54am
Dear Mr.Quinlan
The best way for me to learn is for the teachers to explain what to do and showing me an example.
what we want from the school is a better way of learning math because the teachers go to fast and don't explain it very well. your not fostering our learning styles because answering
a quistion out of a book that your not farmiler with like the chapter you only skimped through. the teachers make you answer quistions out of a book and you don't remember what it said.

Sara and Taylor

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