Degrees in music education – Pursue your goal of forming an instrumental band

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether playing it in an instrument or listening to it or singing. But despite this extreme knack of students for music, there are many schools that have to do away with their music education programs for some unavoidable reasons. This is a gross mistake as schools are losing not only an enjoyable subject but they’re also being deprived of a subject that enriches the lives and education of the students. On the other hand, there are some universities like the Illinois State University that boasts of eclectic music faculty that cooperates closely with the professors in the College of Education. All the faculty who are involved in music education in this university were all a member of public schools where they worked as speakers, supervisors, clinicians.

The students who take on music education take a combination of General education, musical and professional courses. The final part of this music education program includes the formal internship period where the students get involved in teaching. This is indeed a valuable form of education that can help you pursue your dreams of being a professional in music and forming an instrumental band as well.

Various degrees in music education that you can take into account

Have a look at the different music education degrees that you can take into account.

  • BME or Bachelor of Music Education: This degree leads to Indiana state music teaching certification K-12 in instrumental teaching, choral, band, general music teaching or instrumental teaching. This music degree offers a well-rounded preparation in musical theory, performance, history, piano skills, instrumental techniques, general education and teaching field experience. Here, students participate in different music shows, jazz choir, orchestras, three concert band music, new and early music and many more.
  • Graduate music education degrees: There are some gradate music education degrees too that you can take into account if you’re planning of beginning band music later on in life. What are the different kinds of graduate music education degrees?
  • Master of Music Education: The Master of Music Education degree makes it easier for people with previous teaching background to enhance and boost their musical and methodological techniques. The MME student also designs the curriculum to prepare for higher studies at the doctoral level.
  • Specialist in Music Education: The Specialist in Music Education has been designed to offer flexible program beyond the Master’s degree for all those students whose have enough interests in public school teaching and supervision. The applicants should have a master’s degree in music education and minimum 3 years of teaching experience.
  • Doctor of Music Education: The Doctor of Music Education prepares a person for college music teaching. This degree has offered with a special area that conducts literature, choral conducting, instrumental methodology, college music teaching, jazz music lessons, string methodology. The program includes involves in one minor field along with the dissertation research.
  • Master of Science: The MS in music education has been designed for all the graduates of Bachelor’s degrees programs in an area of music apart from music education.

Thus, if you want to start off with concert band music, you can take into account the above mentioned music education courses. Just make sure you get such education from the best institution so that you don’t have to compromise on what you learn.

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