Dentist Games You Can Play with Your School Age Child Prior to Visiting a Dentist


It is no secret that children dread going to the dentist. In fact, a good number of parents report that their children experience fear and stress days to a dentist visit.

One of the reasons for this is the scary made-up stories they hear at school or from certain movies they watch. The best way to root this out is through information and awareness. The more they know, they less likely they are to succumb to fear.

In addition to telling, studies have shown that playing games around an uncomfortable subject, make it easier for children to deal with. In addition, they maintain strong parent-child bonds.

Starting visits to the dentist

According to Dr. Cecilia Luong of Tiger Smile Dental, “It is important to start taking your child to the dentist when they are very young. This will help them get used to the dentist early enough.” But that’s not the only reason why. There are teething problems that can occur in early childhood.

However, some children still develop dentist anxiety issues as they grow up. For this reason, Parents are advised to adopt games around the subject.

Here are a few examples


  • The Dentist office


This involves playing dentist, as the name suggests. Let your child be the dentist while you are the patient.

Use this opportunity to guide them on what happens. Be careful not to use actual sharp objects; a toothbrush, mirror and a small flashlight can suffice.

You don’t need to start with ailments. A simple observation test is enough to get them excited. Teach them that a dentist looks at the teeth to discover anomalies. With the flashlight, they can look at your teeth- this might be a good time to tell them the function of each tooth (a book can illustrate this). Afterwards, reverse roles and become the dentist. Make it fun.


  • Brush with them


Synchronising brushing times with your child(ren) can help them understand the value of oral hygiene. It is important to brush two times a day to maintain cleanliness and prevent tooth decay. Allow your child choose the preferred colour of toothbrush. Many children feel more comfortable using the brush the choose themselves.

When you form a regular brushing habit in their early years, your child will grow up with a good sense of oral hygiene. Don’t forget to teach them about brushing the tongue because it is also a key part of the oral cavity.

Fun games and music centred around brushing can help too. Soon, they will be doing it on their own.


  • Download online or mobile games


According to dental suite Nottingham , there are many online games and apps designed to help children form positive associations with a dentist visit.

They are not only easy to play, but help children become virtual dentists, allowing them learn about the danger of bacteria to the teeth.

Such online games also help them be at ease prior to their dentist appointment. So even if they are going for a routine cleaning or a root canal procedure, their relaxed demeanour will help them through it without difficulty. Many of the dentist games available online use familiar characters from TV, books and video games.

Are you taking your child to the dentist anytime soon? Then start playing.

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