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An interesting question ... One could conduct a survey and listen to the opinion of people.

An interesting fact, many believe that free tuition works and very well, but when they get valuable material in their hands, they somehow do not use it, complaining that everything good is to be paid for.

Let's see if this is really so.

Today you can find a lot of information on various topics on the Internet, something paid, something free. To get out of everything free to find something good and valuable, you need to review a lot of sites. But after all paid, does not always mean good.

You can find many paid courses in the free access, and ask yourself, "Why should I pay?"

It's another matter when you find free material on the issue that interests you, what are you doing with it? Many people do not see this value simply because they have not given anything away from their side and therefore continue to seek further "valuable" information.

From my experience working in foreign languages, I can say that people do not always appreciate all the free things that they fall into their hands. Till now it is possible to observe questions like: "And how to learn English?" "How to remember up to 100 words a day?" "How to learn grammar in German?", "How to write custom essay papers easily?" 

All these questions only indicate that a person did not bother to qualitatively work out free material, well, or did not find it. The second does not justify, because it is already possible to easily find high-quality sites, podcasts and video clips in foreign languages today.

So does free education work? From the above, we can conclude that no, it does not work

But I want to hope that there are still responsible people who are able to independently study all that, then it is given in this or that course and they do not need a kick in the backside.

After all, for you, the teacher will not learn the endings from German verbs, can not work out the exercises, do not listen to audio materials and open his mouth to express his thoughts. Only you have to sit down and learn all that is necessary for free communication in a foreign language. And in this, there is nothing complicated or incomprehensible. Some of the learning processes are so enthralling that after mastering one language, they begin to study the second and third.

I believe that free training should work and work qualitatively, on the result. All you need is to work conscientiously with this or that material, and the result will not be long in coming.

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