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Share some EMC Certification E20-385 exam questions and answers below.
A customer has an EMC Data Domain integrated into their Symantec NetBackup domain as an OST device at their production site. They are installing a new NetBackup media server and a second Data Domain at their disaster recovery (DR) site to protect their client backup images. 
How should replication be configured to allow NetBackup to recover client backup data from the DR site in the event the Data Domain at the production site goes offline? 
A. Perform snapshots of the NetBackup image directories and replicate those snapshots to the DR site 
B. Configure NetBackup to duplicate the images between the Data Domain OST devices 
C. Configure MTree replication from the production site to the DR site 
D. Use fastcopy at the production site to make a copy of the NetBackup images and replicate them to the DR site 
Answer: B

An administrator wants to decrease the time needed to back up data to a locally connected EMC Data Domain system. In addition, the administrator wants to reduce the amount of network traffic generated by the backup software. 
Which DD Boost capability will achieve this requirement? 
A. Advanced Load Balancing and Failover 
B. Low Bandwidth Optimization 
C. Distributed Segment Processing 
D. Managed File Replication 
Answer: C

A customer is writing critical data to the pre-configured, default NFS export on an EMC Data Domain system for replication to a remote site. 
Which directory on the local Data Domain system should be reviewed to verify the data is successfully being written? 
A. /data/col1/backup 
B. /ddvar 
C. /data/col1/repl 
D. /data/col1 
Answer: A

Which EMC Data Domain type of replication is initiated by backup software? 
A. Collection 
B. Directory 
C. MTree 
D. Managed 
Answer: D

When logging into an EMC Data Domain system during an initial installation, which connection type must be used? 
A. Telnet 
B. Serial Console 
Answer: A

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