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Share EMC E22-285 exam questions and answers bellow:

1.Which user provided block of IP addresses to the VxRail initialization wizard may contain non-contiguous addresses?
A. VMware Virtual SAN
B. ESXi host
C. vSphere vMotion
D. NTP Servers
Answer: D

2.A company wants to deploy VxRail on V Series nodes as a proof-of-concept (POC). Only one Top of Rack (ToR) switch has been provided for the POC.
What is the Dell EMC best practice recommendation in this situation?
A. Connect the first host NIC to the ToR switch. Leave the second host NIC un-cabled.
B. Connect each host NIC to a port on a different switch packet buffer bank on the ToRswitch. Balance the ports across two packet buffer banks.
C. Inform the company that the POC cannot proceed without a second ToR switch.
D. Connect the first host NIC to the TOR switch. Daisy chain the second NIC between hosts.
Answer: B

3.When preparing for a VxRail deployment, which components require forward and reserve DNS records?
A. ESXi hosts, vRealize Log Insight, and Platform Services Controller
B. Platform Services Controller. vCenter, and ESRS/VE
C. ESXi hosts, vCenter, and vRealize Operations
D. ESXi Hosts, vCenter, and ESRS/VE
Answer: A

4.What is the correct command to restart the Loudmouth process on a VxRail node?
A. /usr/lib/vmware-loudmouth/bin/loudmouthc restart
B. systemctl restart vmware-loudmouth
C. /etc/init.d/loudmouth restart
D. /sbin/service loudmouth restart
Answer: B

5.What is the VxRail maximum cluster size if using only 1 GbE links?
A. 8
B. 16
C. 32
D. 64 with an RPQ
Answer: A

6.When adding a VxRail node the validation fails.
What could be the cause of this problem?
A. IPv6 multicasting is not enabled
B. Only one network interface online
C. Time on the node was not set correctly
D. DNS record was not created
Answer: B

7.You are asked to cable up a VxRail G Series cluster to a redundant pair of 1/10G switches.
What is the cabling best practice for this configuration?
A. Cable ports 1 and 2 to oneswitch. Cable ports 3 and 4 to the other switch.
B. Cable ports 1 and 2 to one switch. Cable ports 3 and 4 to the other switch. Cable BMC from node 1 and 2 to one switch. Cable BMC from node 3 and 4 to the other switch.
C. Cable ports 1 and 3 to one switch. Cable ports 2 and 4 to the other switch.
D. Cable ports 1 and 3 to one switch. Cable ports 2 and 4 to the other switch. Cable BMC from node 1 and 3 to one switch. Cable BMC from node 2 and 4 to the other switch.
Answer: D

8.A company is in the process of configuring their Top of Rack (ToR) switches as a single rack that replicates to a secondary data center with vSphere Replication.
What is a consideration for this configuration?
A. IPv6 and IPv4 multi-cast should be layer-3 routed between data centers
B. IPv6 and IPv4 multi-cast should span the entire network in each data center
C. IPv6 and IPv4 multi-cast traffic does not need to leave the ToR switches
D. IPv6 and IPv4 multi-cast traffic should span layer-2 between data centers
Answer: B

9.In a VxRail external vCenter deployment, which component(s) are automatically licensed?
A. vCenter only
B. vCenter and vSAN
C. None
D. vSAN only
Answer: B

10.When using vSphere Web Client, what is the source of information that can help validate good VxRail system post-deployment status?
A. MARVIN-Virtual-SAN-Cluster > Monitor > Health Logical View
B. MARVIN-Virtual-SAN-Cluster > Monitor > Virtual SAN > Health
C. Last Heartbeat, Last Configuration Sent, Network Environment Settings, Cluster Monitor
D. System Diagnostic, Events, Health Logical View, Health Physical View, Log Bundle
Answer: D

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