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Education of today is validated after an exam, and most exams expect students to have the ability to retain matter taught to them and reproduce the same. Is this method right? This is a question which has been asked by many educationalists and more importantly, till the time the answer is determined, we need to ensure that every student has one method through which this exam can be conquered. Studies have shown, 48 hours after a study session, we have general.... Below are some methods listed:

Mnemonics: This many say the best means to enhance memory as we have a detail which we usually remember plugged into the one that we are trying to remember. There are mainly two different types of mnemonics used; one is the link method, and the other the story method.

Repetition: This is the age old method which is employed in various walks of life. Repetition helps to remember the detail which we are trying to memorize, with the mind getting used to the detail in question.

Association with a visual image: Here you associate the detail with a visual image in your mind and here, the more unusual the image, the easier it will be to remember these details. Some learners are visual learners; here what we mean is that a person associates with what is written by them to what they may read in the textbook or in the course printouts.

Auditory Learners: Some learners might listen to a lecture intently and after that shall be able to recall most details without much help. They rely on any notes for their study in this case.

Method of Loci: This is a method which employs the usage of many points in order and each of these points being linked to an item which requires to be remembered. For example, to remember a shopping list, one can assume each item on the list to be placed at different points within a room and then remembering the furniture in the room will help in remembering the shopping list also.

Flashcards: Flashcards prove to be a very effective learning method, and it is also helpful in being handier as compared to many other methods. If you are learning vocabulary or terminology, why not write the word that is to be learnt on one side of a card and a translation or explanation of it on the reverse. Keeping these cards in order might be an issue and here is where online flashcards help the learner.

Flash cards are small and simple but prove incredibly useful when it comes to memorizing and revision. If these flash cards are put on the internet, they can be reviewed and used by many people. They can edit and refine the flashcards based on their knowledge, which entails a group study effect. More such features are seen on FunnelBrain.

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Comment by Teuta on December 19, 2013 at 12:47am

what do you think about Grammar can be learnt by Rote ?

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