Education is perhaps the only way out for shunning global poverty

Education is undoubtedly one of the main factors which plays a vital role in preventing and eliminating global poverty. With time and with the way the world is changing, there are several nations which emphasize on the vitality of education and hence they’re also investing in education in a rather significant manner. It has been seen that poverty can decline when education is made available to everyone in the world as they can make informed and measured decisions due to their knowledge on things.

While there are philanthropic organizations everywhere, in Israel, Israel charity helps the poor people with food, water and shelter and once you get in touch with them, you’ll get to know what drives them to do such works. Here are few ways in which education can eliminate poverty.

1: Improves health of women and their unborn baby

Overall, education has got a positive impact on the health of people through different stages of his life. It can bring about a change to the lifestyle of a mother who is yet to give birth to her child. In fact, it has been said that women who have at least 6 years of education will take their prenatal vitamins and utilize several other tactics when they’re pregnant. Mothers who have got educated are 50% more likely to give the proper vaccines to their children so that they don’t unnecessarily suffer from diseases later on. This also prevents HIV/AIDS as these spread too fast among women.

2: Empowers girls and women

It has been proved that education benefits girls and women more than boys. Girls are empowered both economically and personally. Women who are educated are usually good at making decisions and they also have their self-confidence at the proper level. They have better knowledge on how they can take care of their family. Educated women usually delay their marriage and they continue with their education. For them, marriage can wait until the right time.

3: Growth in the economy of a nation

There is a naturally positive impact on an entire population with the help of education. Studies reveal that by each extra year of schooling, a person can get a salary hike of at least 10% and this clearly implies that the GDP of a country increases by 1% every year. With GDP growth, there can be several opportunities which foster development and trade.

Therefore, whenever there is growing poverty, the lawmakers of a nation should focus on spreading education among everyone as this is the best way in shunning global poverty.

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