Education Options For Today’s Youth in India

Education is the base upon which one can build a career of their choice and ensure they achieve financial stability in life. Apart from financial stability, good education also helps people analyse their decisions and make choices based on proper understanding of the issues concerned and by understanding all the related facts. Most of the students have clear choices on the field they would like to follow once they finish school. They also shortlist a few college’s they would like to join on passing out from school based on various factors.

The education options available nowadays are very interesting as compared to earlier days, when there were only just half a dozen fields available; such as Commerce, Science and Arts. Today, one can even choose to learn the basics of business by joining one of the top BBA colleges in Dehradun, which is steadily growing as a major education hub in India. Apart from educational options, students can now even learn different arts and crafts or special skills like cooking, computers, fitness and wellness consulting etc.

Some of the interesting subjects students can learn nowadays

Hotel & Hospitality Management

One of the fastest growing industries in India and the world over is the hotel and hospitality industry which covers everything, from tourism to travel and hotels. Students who get into this field can get tons of opportunities in many ways; ranging from airlines to tourism boards and even in five star hotels across the world.

Bachelor in Business Administration

This field of study helps and prepares one in understanding the basics of managing a business and how to grow it. Everything from accounts to taxation rules and the roles of different entities in managing a operating a business are covered by the colleges conducting this course. It is one of the alternate streams of education that students can follow to complete their graduation apart from the existing fields. While earlier it was conducted by just a few colleges, now it is a common course for sure.

Creative Arts

Creative arts, involves varied skills such as writing, designing, photography among others. This field is especially beneficial to students who are creatively inclined. Creative arts professionals are very much in demand all over the world, for their skills in being able to present different products and services in an attractive and easy to understand manner.

So, those were some of the lucrative career options one can consider. Pursuing BBA has many advantages as compared to other streams. Students who successfully complete their BBA are able to build a strong foundation in business studies, which helps them in pursuing MBA course. The course BBA teaches them business principles and strategies, along with the workings of the corporate world and its administration. This ensures that the students are well prepared to start their own business or guide someone in managing the same when they leave college.

Nowadays, many colleges and universities offer BBA course and it can be pursued by students from any educational background. It can be pursued either as full time or part time and may include specialisation like finance, marketing or administration. Some of the top BBA colleges in Dehradun ensure students understand all the elements required in managing a business thoroughly and in detail.

Students competing BBA courses have a better chance of getting a job, since they are already aware of the basic workings of a business as compared to students from other streams. On completing their BBA, they can look up opportunities with small businesses, share broking companies or the FMCG companies too. They can even take the entrepreneurial path and start their own business after completing BBA.

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