ESL and FLES go 21st century- Smartboard and Kidspiration 2.0

Five sample activities that you can do with L2 and ESOL learners using Kidspiration 2, PPT, the Smartboard and simple clipart tools.

Activity 1: Counting hearts

1. Go to
2. Make one heart of each color, and label them (can be done in English or Spanish)
3. Save each heart as JPEG and place them on your My Pictures file in a separate folders you will name “hearts”
4. Open a PPT slide, and add the hearts by doing INSERT- PICTURE- FROM FILE-and find your “hearts folder”
5. Paste all the hearts and write on the top of the slide the directions of your exercise. Mine were: Count the hearts, draw a graph with your teacher, and classify the colors.

Activity 2: Using Kidspiration: Make a KWL chart in L2 or ESL English:

Using the smartboard, circle the words that are a) adjectives in blue, b) nouns in purple, and c) verbs in red

Activity 3: Using Kidspiration:
Discuss Cinco de Mayo
Grade level 5th-10th

For this story board the children themselves added the clipart on Mexico and Cinco from Google, and exported it from the files folder onto the Kidspiration clipart.

Activity 4: La Ropa – Using Kidspiration 2
The objective was for each child to dress up a doll, and use the constant “El chico tiene” and “La chica tiene” as starters to write a descriptive sentence about the clothing.
I then asked them to underline the words who are clothing, and color with the correct shade the color of the clothes.

Activity 5: Using Kidspiration to state Facts or Opinions
Grade 5-10

This model was saved as a template for me to use in the smartboard as a still image where the students would circle or underline the facts from the opinions.

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