Every Student Can Be A Public Speaker

By the time they reach 16 years of age, every student must be able to give a presentation in front of a live audience no matter if they want it or not or they will not be well equipped for college. According to a recent article published on Motivational Speaker, most students would rather die then have to speak in front of their classmates. While some might assume this is highly exaggerated, in an article published on Psychology Today, a survey revealed that this is actually not far from the truth.

So why are so many students afraid to speak in front of their classmates? The truth is that of course many teens and young adults are petrified of being ridiculed, this all comes down to the fact that they just have not gotten enough practice. Just ask any professional speaker and they will all tell you that regular practice is very important.

Like most things in life if you don't do it every day you can't possibly be good at it and you might be frightened to do this as well. For most of the people speaking in front of many folks is more than terrifying - the worst nightmare they could ever have. However you may be forced into this like your child's sports banquet, your best friend's birthday party or colleague's retirement party - there's plenty of more of them just waiting to get you with your pants down.

No matter if event is large or small, important or ordinary, sad or enjoyable, it makes people react in different ways, usually, with anxiety and concern. Amazingly, the fear to speak in front of everyone is worrying people more than fear of death or spiders - this is actual study not just a fact out of my head. This fear can be related to low self-esteem and concerns about interactions with public, social anxiety or else.

Now how to determine if you have this kind of fear by yourself? Firstly, imagine yourself speaking in front of a people, what feeling rules your body, what you are thinking of? Another way of determining this is to imagine yourself in not as big room and that you have to lead a discussion. Are you are feeling any signs of panic, are your palms are sweaty, do you lose composure? These are all signs of anxiety which is caused by the fear of public speaking.

Students can overcome this fear with great ease if they have the right support. It is actually very possible when you use right have a training and practice (of course, more practice means less fear). Even the most anxious ones can overcome this fear and get a hold of themselves while they are in front of people and even show great confidence. As soon as you overcome this you will start feeling more confident in any place, not just when you need to speak in public. There is really nothing much to it, just practice makes it right - no book will help you right away, you still have to show what you've got in real life.

For a final words I want to tell you that when you think of a famous public speakers like the president of the United States, I could make bet from a thousand dollars that he wouldn't be able to speak that well if he didn't practice. Imagine he never did that in his life, you think he would do it right for his first time now? I don't really think so. I want to say that you will overcome this fear a lot easier if you actually step out of your comfort zone and will experience it by yourself more and more everyday. To be confident in front of everyone you can't just snap your fingers and make it happen, you have to build a core confidence, which is hard. Only easier alternative is, as I've said, to speak more and more every day. I wish you good luck with the fear destruction!

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