Exam Proctoring Services – All You Wanted To Know

Are you wondering what are exam proctoring services? Are you curious to know more about proctoring and proctors and how does this online test proctoring function? If yes, then worry not and keep reading as we will tackle each of these questions in the few lines below.

So before we go on to learn about exam proctoring services, let’s learn more about proctoring services and who or what is proctor and how does online test proctoring functions?

What Are Proctoring Services?

Proctoring services are the services offered during online examinations as online courses might require proctored exams in order to curb the menace of cheating and other unfair practices used by the students.  Online test proctoring is a testing that is overseen by an authorized proctor who would ensure the identity of an individual taking the test and also integrity of the environment where the test would be scheduled.

So now that you know what are proctoring services, let’s understand why universities or institutions are going for online test proctoring? Let’s find out here.

Why Online Test Proctoring?

It is a given fact that if a student wants to cheat – he or she would cheat. However, both instructors and institutions felt that the chances of cheating were more during online exams. How you may ask? Well here’s how – the chances of taking help from others or even use of materials or tools that are not allowed during the period of test. Online test proctoring was a step in the direction to prevent such sorts of deviations from the normal test taking process.

An online test proctor through strict vigilance ensures that there is no use of unfair means before, during and after the exams so as to have positive exam environment and so as to get as much accuracy in the results as possible.

Now let’s take a look at the things to be kept in mind if you are planning to go for online test proctoring.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Online Test Proctoring

It may sound easy to go for online test proctoring but there are few things that you need to keep in mind in case you want the exam to be successful and go without any hitches. And before that the first and foremost thing is to review your course and also the announcements related to that course, which may require proctoring. And then follow these steps to ensure a successful online test proctoring experience.

  1. Get all the documents completed before the online proctoring test.
  2. You need to identify a proctor as well for the test
  3. You would also need to submit the proctor’s document either to your instructor or to the Online Learning Director as soon as they are completed.
  4. It would be good if you expedite the process so that there is enough time for even the proctor to complete the required forms and receive the test password on time for the test.

Remember, as a student it is your responsibility to keep a track of exam dates, timings and locations and make appropriate arrangements.

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