Finding the Balance between Studying and Student Life

Being a student is one of the best experiences you’ll have in your life: the people you meet, the education you gain, the moments you get to be a part of, the hardships and intellectual, emotional and social growth, the beauty of all of it stays with you until your last days. On that note, cherishing those moments is essential, and we hope you’ll do so.

Money matters

What makes a student life way more exciting than it normally is, is money – and a lot of it. When you are financially secured, you can engage in a number of activities like traveling abroad with your peers, renting out an apartment instead of staying in a dorm, you can drop that second or third part-time job, and a number of other things. Unfortunately, not everyone goes to Uni/college with their pockets full of money; most of us had just enough to get in, and now we’re left on our own to find ways that will make things work. And, honestly – there’s something rewarding about working your as* off and seeing yourself become an honorable, hard-working individual. You’ll see.

If you are just starting out at Uni or you’ve been there for a while, penniless – here are a few tips you’ll want to try out and test as your potential money-makers. HINT: These jobs won’t disrupt your studying or your personal life.

Be a tutor

Everyone’s got that one subject they excel at, and this is your chance to charge for your talents! Form a study group or give individual one-on-one lessons to those students who need help and would rather study with a mate from Uni than pay someone else to tutor them. Set a reasonable price for your classes and advertise through WOM (word of mouth), fliers, your student board, etc. You can even throw a party announcing you are starting a tutoring business! It’s all about perspective.

Use the internet to earn money

There’s no doubt you and your friends spend hours on end on the net, so why not use it to earn some extra cash? These days, there are so many great options to earn money online, most of which require minimum effort and time. Here are some of our favorite jobs to pick up:

1) Proofreading

If you are good at grammar, try finding clients who could need your services: blogs, company websites, independent book publishers, etc.  All of them pay well and would do with a high-quality proofreader. Extra points if you are a literature/grammar student!

2) Taking surveys

For all of you who love to voice their opinions, taking surveys is the best way to earn money! You won’t earn enough to move to Hawaii but you’ll manage to earn a nice sum of cash, especially if you are working with a few survey sites. The principle of this gig is simple: you are given a topic/problem that needs its audience’s opinion, so – you provide your opinion. Be smart, opt to get paid to take surveys online – it beats picking up an extra shift at the café, doesn’t it?

3) Analyzing websites

For IT students, this is probably the best job on the net! As the majority of business is going online, they are putting up websites that need customer testing. You can get paid sweet money to give knowledgeable feedback on a website’s functionality, its mobile-friendliness, code and overall quality. Don’t be lazy, explore the option!

Start a bookshop with friends

Well, not exactly a bookshop but a bookshop look-alike. Each year, thousands and thousands of books get thrown away or get burned in student celebratory rituals. Instead of disposing of them, sell your books at the end of each year; better yet, ask your classmates, friends and peers if they’d participate in selling their books too to the incoming generation. You can split the profits, and everyone’s happy. Open up a stand with cute, attractive slogans and you're halfway there. Plus, you’ll get to jam with your friends more… so, what’s there not to like?

Good luck earning some cash on this adventure, we have no doubt you’ll nail it!

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