Five Questions Parents Should Ask Before Homeschooling

One of the biggest concerns that parents have is whether their kids will get a quality education through homeschooling and the answer depends on the platform you choose to partner with and the curriculum they use. In order to guarantee the level of education they will receive the best option is to connect with an established school that offers an online homeschool program. There is more structure, consistency and the ability to work with the school’s admin system for record keeping and transcripts.

The next question is ‘do I have to teach’ as not everyone is a born instructor or has the necessary knowledge to teach every subject especially in the higher grades. The top home schools online offer a couple of options for parents to choose from that allows them to be the primary teacher (in elementary and middle school grades) or they can be a part-time teacher and partner with the school’s professional instructors. In high school, formal platforms encourage the full-time involvement of certified teachers due to the necessity of earning credits towards graduation and guaranteeing that they can meet the national standards.

What does a homeschool day look like is another common question and the best part of this learning method is that it can be as organized or flexible as the parent needs it to be for that day. Online homeschool programs give students a recommended lesson plan for each class so they have an idea of the amount of work that needs to be done each day to finish the course on time. This also brings in structure and organization which is necessary for kids to stay focused and get through the work but it allows them to move at their own pace so they can move ahead or catch up as necessary.

It also takes the stress from having to plan an entire school day and year from the parent who can focus on answering questions and encouraging them to complete their studies. How to get started is a question best directed to the admissions staff of the school/program you choose to partner with for your child’s education. There are plenty of options out there so finding the right one can be a challenge but here are a few things to look for: accreditation, graduation rate, list of colleges students has attended, curriculum and cost. Check several schools out and ask for a demo of their online portal that students will use to see how the kids like it and then follow the enrollment process.

These are just a few questions parents ask during the journey but there are many more that can be answered by joining a local homeschool group or talking to parents enrolled in the program you are considering for your students. Homeschooling is a challenging and rewarding experience that benefits adults and kids alike as they balance life events with education and a quality learning approach with well-established curriculum options. Ask the questions and rely on the experts to help with the answers to get you started with peace of mind.

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