Fluency in English Language can Augment Your Career Path

You communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings by speaking and if you cannot express yourself properly, then your thoughts will not be imparted correctly.  So, speaking correctly is paramount in communication.

A powerful communication skill in English will take you to great heights in career because English is the common corporate language used globally.  Job interviews are conducted in English and you are judged by the style in which you speak. Proficiency in the language can give a good impression and you have better opportunities to obtain excellent jobs. 

Proficiency in spoken English is taught at  Communicate School of English in Manchester, which is a reputed school established in 2010 for teaching English for students all over the world. The school is authorized by the British Council to teach various subjects like spoken English and general English to communicate accurately.

Spoken English - importance

People may judge you by your appearance, but the way you speak is also very significant. If you can speak English eloquently, you are sure to create an impression.

Importance of English has increased significantly due to global education and job opportunities and spoken English is all the more significant. Even if you are good at technical skills, and you are not able to communicate properly, you probably may fail to make it big in your career. Corporate world has accepted that communication skills is equally or more important than the technical information.

Efficient communication skill adds up to

  • Ability to Negotiate
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Official correspondence

Proficiency in English language is needed for all the above.  Public speaking is impossible without being good at the language. For writing an official letter or sharing knowledge, language is the key component and without good understanding of the language, you cannot succeed in your job.  A good presentation depends on your command over the language.  Companies opt for people, who can interact well and significantly contribute in group discussions and seminars.


Improve your English

Reading can improve your vocabulary to a great extent and increase your knowledge.  You can learn about many things when you read. Learning a new word everyday can enhance your language skill.  You need to use these new words in your writing and speech. Only 35% of the words are generally used in English language. An impressive vocabulary can make an impact on people and your career growth is augmented.

Listening is also important in increasing your proficiency in the language. Active listening can make you good at a language. In the business world, 45% of the working hours are spent in listening.

Written communication is equally important in upgrading your language skill. In the corporate world, innumerable letters and documents are written everyday, which can be stored and retrieved when required. Good writing skills can affect your ability to speak correct English.

Communication is your window to the world. When you speak English fluently and confidently, good job opportunities open up for you globally and you will enjoy a great social life.

Author's Bio:

Tony Clowes works with Communicate School of English in Manchester, and he is the author of this post. Please feel free to visit their website to learn more about their services and courses they offer.

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