It is the study of how food science is applicable in food preservation, processing, packaging and distribution. Food Engineering in Kerala also helps one learn the techniques of transforming raw material into safe, nutritious, wholesome ready to eat food. In Food Engineering course one is also taught about removing toxins and adding flavor to the food items. The increasing demand in packaged, Ready to Eat and processed food has increased the demand for food engineers.

The Food Corporation of India provides employment to a large number of people this corporation also handles the purchase, storage, distribution and transportation of food grain. Food technology in Kerala is having a high demand reason being, opportunity of job in this industry includes baking and drying machine operators, Canned fish Cutters and trimmer, Canned Meat packers, Canned fruits, Food batch makers, Food and tobacco roasting, Bakeries, Meat, Poultry. Food technology courses in Kerala is very popular among student People who are trained in packaging technology, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry especially bacteriologist, toxicologists can find openings in food technology laboratories or in quality control departments.

Private enterprises market bread, biscuits, medicines, fruit juices, edible oils, flour and soft drink concentrates.

The Private sector chips in with much more opportunities. Private Food Production firms, Processing plants, Storage and Preservation firms are known to recruit Graduates. Average starting salary varies, depending upon the nature of the job. On an average, it is between 3-5 Lakh Rupees per year
.  As a result, interest of student increases in course of food technology in kerela. Research and development segment is the one where a food technologist can apply their ingenuity.

This job requires one to have a very well balanced knowledge of subjects ranging from food engineering to microbiological level. This is the field where one should employee a food technologist although people food technologists are relevantly suited for all the segments of a food job.

Food technology in Kerala will have more to offer in the future. Post graduates in Food technology can work as,

  • Quality control supervisor

  • Food analyst

  • Food process engineer

  • Food regulatory affairs specialist

  • Product development manager / specialist

  • Sensory scientist

  • Food ingredient manager

  • Food microbiologist

  • Food chemist

  • Nutrition specialist

  • Fermentation scientist

  • Research Scientist

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