Graduating from college has the potential to more than double your lifetime earning potential. Think of your current financial and living situation. Now, imagine how different things would be if you were earning more than twice your current income. Amazing, right?

Many adults are discovering that college is still a possibility for them. With the use of online accredited universities, that degree is closer than you think! A degree from an online college has become just as valuable as a degree earned within the walls of a brick and mortar institution. Online universities have worked very hard to create curriculums that are accessible while also being incredibly educational.

Many brick and mortar schools have realized this, and provide online classes as well. This has really worked to open up the possibility of a quality education to everyone. If you are unsure of how to proceed, there’s a wealth of higher education articles online.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to colleges that may offer online degree programs, and learn what’s right for you. Some people might benefit from a more intimate classroom setting, and any form of higher education can drastically improve your life. It is important to consider every option before committing to a program, but there are many advantages to an online education.

1. Create Your Own Schedule

Many people feel as if they simply don’t have time to pursue that college degree, or they feel that the time for college has passed them by. A demanding class schedule simply doesn’t coincide with a busy family and work life. With an online degree program, you have the freedom to go to class when you have the time. You may have minimum participation requirements, but these can be done as you sit down to relax after your busy day. Doctor’s appointments, work commitments, even time with your family doesn’t have to conflict with your class schedule. You will never have to juggle any of your other priorities in order to make it to class on time.

2. Get Real World Experience

There are times when attending a brick and mortar college can actually isolate you from opportunities. You can work in your chosen field, as you earn a degree to further your career. This allows you the benefit of real world experience in your subject as you learn about it from your classes. This is a two tiered approach that offers a dual learning environment. Many employers have actually started offering to compensate their long-time employees for their online educations. This is a great way to increase your earning potential while continuing to work.

3. Cost

This is a huge reason many people choose to pursue their degrees online. An online college doesn’t have the cost of running a variety of buildings, while employing the necessary people to staff them. Many of their staff work from home, and this cuts down on the overhead involved in traditional schools. This passes the savings on to you. The cost of attending an online university varies between ten, and twenty-five percent cheaper than their brick and mortar counterparts.

4. Graduate Faster

Traditional brick and mortar schools often lock you in to twelve week classes. Online universities are able to provide a more flexible class length. Many online classes can be finished in six weeks or less, while still maintaining their accredited status. This often appeals to students who enjoy a faster paced learning environment that still delivers a top quality education.

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