Four Reasons to Choose a Home Program with Accreditation

Just as you would not live in a home with a cracked foundation, so your child’s education should be solid and stable without any question as to the validity of what they have learned and the platform’s teaching method.

Finding and choosing the best school for your child is a major decision even if you have decided to teach them at home under your guidance. As a parent it is necessary to carefully review the available options and choose a school platform that includes reliable curriculum, user-friendly portal and a solid foundation upon which to build a future.

School accreditation is an achievement that any institution can receive if they go through the appropriate process. In fact, these organizations can receive multiple accreditations that each carry a different perspective and help them to become a better and more comprehensive educational facility. As part of the process, teaching methods, curriculum and the system as a whole are reviewed and evaluated to determine if they meet certain standards. This must be renewed periodically in order to retain the status.

Accredited online schools provide several benefits for homeschool families including trust in the system, peace of mind, pathway to an accredited college/university and confidence in the skills and knowledge taught to their student. Educational platforms that have elected to earn accreditation through one or multiple agencies must submit their plans, curriculum choices and other documentation to demonstrate that they are meeting the desired standards. As a parent, you can have full confidence in these schools knowing that they are being challenged and held accountable to present your child with a solid path in education that builds on itself year after year. The online portal system is evaluated for a variety of features to ensure that it is user-friendly, presents the information in a coherent and sensible manner and accurately records grades and progress for reporting. One of the biggest benefits for homeschool families is the ability to present reliable transcripts to colleges and universities during the application process. Admissions boards review this information for several things such as grades, community hours and the school from which the student graduated. A non-accredited school does not give the higher institution a basis by which to measure the information they learned and the validity of the grades; whereas, an accredited platform is understood to have met specific standards that are accepted by the board. This gives parents peace of mind that their student’s hard work will result in admission to the college of their choice because it is built on a solid foundation.

Parents can check out accredited online homeschools by doing a simple search and then reviewing the individual websites. It is a good idea to look over customer comments, reviews and ratings and speak to an Admissions counselor for any pertinent questions. Schools often provide a complimentary demo of their portal system for the student and parent to walk through and get a feel in order to provide security. However, before proceeding to these steps, the first thing you should look for is their accreditation status and a list of the agencies they have earned this through. It should be displayed on the website as a feature that they are proud of and that helps parents to have the confidence they need to take the next step.

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