Free Enterprise Examples of Future Education Considered - by Lance Winslow

What Will Higher Education Look Like in the Future?

Everyone knows that our schools, high schools, colleges and even our universities are just not what they used to be. Many believe it is due to the children and their upbringing, parenting. Indeed, it is some of that and the lack of discipline in school. And yes, it is true that the school districts are generally top heavy, and the funding often doesn't get into the classroom where belongs.

Other challenges with our schools include the political correctness, the overwhelming support staff is now required, and the costs of special education, lawsuits, and just general poor management. But what if we made our schools into for-profit enterprises? Could they work well then? Well, if this topic interests you, I'd like to recommend an extremely excellent book that you should read about an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity and is changing the way we think, the way we teach, and the way we go to college. The book is;

"Rebel with a Cause; The Entrepreneur Who Created the University of Phoenix and For Profit Revolution in Higher Education," by John Sperling.

The underlining principle to the University of Phoenix is that one can earn a degree while they are still working, going to night classes during the evening, and work during the day. With a higher degree comes higher salaries, and increased opportunity for forward advancement in the market place and in your job career. I'm not sure if you've ever been to a University of Phoenix, but I have and I have spoken at some of the classrooms.

I have been very impressed with this business, and very impressed with many of the individuals who have graduated from the University of Phoenix. I believe you should learn the secrets of this for-profit revolution in higher education. And consider what it means for the future. I hope you will think on it.

By Lance Winslow
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