Free TeachBack App - A Way to Blend Technology with Education

TeachBack is a great application for educators to receive valuable class-related feedback from their students. The app contains a variety of pre-written polls, as well as the ability to create custom polls so the instructor can ask anything they want their students to answer.

Want to know whether or not they enjoyed the day’s reading material, or if they learned from that recent group assignment? Just ask! There’s no more powerful way to know what someone is thinking than to ask them!

TeachBack is available in Spanish and Chinese, as well as English, to make it accessible to huge portions of the world’s students. With a global reach, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a widely successful product for educators.

With TeachBack, the instructor creates a poll and the app provides them with a unique identifier key. That key is given to students, and the students’ phones receive a push notification any time a new poll is ready for their feedback. The results are then provided back to the instructor in real-time, anonymously, and there are great pieces of data and charts for them to analyze the responses. Obviously, being named TeachBack, it’s designed with educators in mind - but it’s really created in a way that speaks to them. The software was created by a professor and communications department chair at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, PA, with the goal of connecting with students via technology to gain valuable insights on the classroom experience.

Our schools are getting tech-heavier every year. Students’ brains are shifting in a million different directions, attempting to absorb more information from more sources than ever before. And every single one of them has a phone in their pocket. Getting feedback from students on the efficacy of instruction is proven to be a valuable tool, not just for the educator, but for the students themselves. It’s important for teachers to have a grasp on what’s most effective in their lessons, so they can tailor their teaching methods to those receiving the education. The point of teaching is to reach the students and create an environment that supports learning. Knowing their feedback helps do just that, and TeachBack is the way to get it.

TeachBack is completely free, and available on iPhone and Android, putting it in the hands of everyone. For more information and to download, visit

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